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Archeage Onlne PvP Basic Guide

Updated on April 25, 2015

Basic PvP Guide

Just like many other online multiplayer game Archage brings the typical war between fractions but with a twist that reminds me of the old DAoC, By intruding a possible 3 faction called "Pirates". That's right you can become a pirate king and organize all the pirates to wreck the factions.

Or you can stay true to your faction and fight the war, while defending off the pirates who just love to cause chaos.

IF you are joining a NA server I would suggest Ollo, A fair enough server to start on and about the biggest in NA.

The two main factions fight each other not only on land but also at sea. The best thing is, when you attack enemy ships you can also rob them!

Collect Honor points to spend by killing pirates and the other factions, I suggest saving these, the weapons are useless last I checked.

You can attack members of your own faction if they are in one of the pvp zones, the best thing about this is, 85 to 90% of zones are PvP and buildable.

A large enough guild could come and own zones while building an empire. A lot can happen in this game, To me it reminds me of DAoC mixed with Shadowbane.

Open World PvP

Naval Warfare

Naval Warfare is another main key to this game, a large enough guild who can control not just the land but the sea could dominate above all others.

Having naval command would allow the guild or alliance to move trade packs while keeping everyone else out of the sea would cause the ability to control the markets on certain resources.

With submarines to Merchant ships and even a black Pearl!

PvP rating once geared

4 stars for ArcheAge Online PvP

Large naval warfare

Give Archeage a try

IF you like Crafting, Pvp, Pve and even farmville, then archeage might seem like a good game, F2P look me up on Ollo Send me a Mail!


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