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Archeage online The need to know on classes

Updated on November 28, 2014

Not all classes are consider equal!

Now this may just be your first time playing Archeage Online, and if so you may already know what type of character you would like to play. How-ever Archeage class system is a bit more complicated then most. You can choose to combine 3 classes to make a final calls.

By doing this there are about 120 combinations you could potential go, All on one char! How ever lots of people like to min/max in groups and some classes will always be more powerful then hybrids.

I would like to take a few moments and point out the best of the best when it comes to the Archeage Class system.

Min/Max The slackers grouping.

OK Now a lot of people like to get the max out of their characters, and a lot of people consider if you are not running a character that can max out its potential with a giving skill you're just no good for them.

That only holds true to the Min/Max community and if you are part of that mentality/community and want the easiest resistance then these classes will be the top classes people roll in Archeage Online.

Archeage Online Classes


Warrior 1 (Blight)

First off do not play a blight or any other warrior class if you have high ping, since warriors in this game will take skill not just in using skills but also positioning yourself since we have collision detection.

The blight:

High defense against archers, and other warriors also very good at blocking door ways.

Very high defense but very slow moving.

If you have a pocket healer friend then you can rule small scale pvp.

Blight in PVP Battlerage+Defense+Shadowplay

Warrior 2 Dark Runner (Battlerage+shadowplay+auramancy)

This warrior class has high mobility and also anti crowd control.

You'll wanna get in and get out with this type of warrior class, Defense is more like a rogue then a true tank, so gotta be careful consider this as the class cannon of warriors.

This class leads more for ninja solo playing style, you stealth in, kill and get out.


Mage 1 Daggerspell witchcraft+sorcery+shadowplay

This is what I currently play, I started off as a shaman, but realized that stealth is much needed for squishy classes in Archeage Online.

This is the most balanced and most played mage class.

Its great for both massive and small scale pvp, has tons of CC and can kill just about any class 1v1.

This class takes skill with all it combo's but can easily do 1v3 if well geared and played by a skillful player.

Pro tip use plate Shield and scepter against warriors/archers

Daggerspell PvP Top rated player from Shaitgon EU Bekz

Mage 2 sorcery + songcraft+ shadowplay SpellSinger

If you like playing ninja style characters then this mage class is for you, think of a magic ninja!

This takes a lot of skill to play since it has low HP do to its intensive Int usage. But with that being said it can dish out over 20 thousand damage in any giving second.

So if you have low ping and fast reflexes and want to do insane damage this class is for you.

Top rated Player Bekz as Spellsinger Shaitgon EU

Support 1 Bard songcraft+defense+auramancy

IF you enjoy supporting your group but do not like to heal this class is for you 100%

Songcraft buffs your entire party, and debuff one or two opponents so badly.

Auramancy and defense raises your suitability.

They can be used to interrupt enemies also.

It is kinda easy to play, but you will fully need to understand pvp if you wanna play good.
I suggest this to people like to watch how my parties and enemies fight with some popcorn

Bard Pvp Archeage

Healer 1 templar Vitalism+auramancy+witchcraft

With good gear and skills you will not die in most pvp battles.

Main healer class in game and always needed

One of the best classes.

Templar Pvp Archage Online

Tank 1 Aka Archer Killer Battlerage+defense+auramancy

Great class for the many archers in the game.

Any archer who doesnt run from you will be your fodder.

Great tank for PVE as well

Abolisher Pvp Archeage Online

Archer 1 Archery + shadowplay + auramancy Primeval

Do not play archers with high ping you'll be at a dis advantage.

It is an archer with high mobility and high anti cc, but has low def.

this class requires high pvp skills compared to Archer 2 , but it is really fun to play.

Archers are essential in pvp at sea.
So, if you are going to be a pirate, it is a good combination.

One thing you should know about archers is that you need good armor and weapons.
Damage of an archer per minute highly depends on your gear.

In other words, you become over powered with good gears, but if not, you are weak as ... you get my point.

I suggest this to who loves fast pace pvp.

Primeval with top bow

Stonearrow Archery + shadowplay + defense

Last but not least.

Archer with defense is kinda OP, but I wouldn't say it because

it can be killed by mages easily.

It will win 80% against archers, and 50% against warriors with no defense.

It is lacking mobility, but it has high defense against melee and other archers with high suitability.

I suggest this to who plays archer for first time in Archeage.

StoneArrow Vs multiple classes in 1v1 arena


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