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Are Fireworks Illegal in Illinois?

Updated on July 7, 2013


Fireworks! | Source

The Simple Answer


There is a state wide ban on all fireworks in the state of Illinois.

A friends asked this question the other day and I honestly didn't know the real answer. I am from Wisconsin were firework are sold in abundance and I have lived in Illinois for 10 years and have never bothered to find out, of course I also haven't bought any fireworks for the record either.

Some novelty fireworks are acceptable in outlying areas. No fireworks are allowed within the city limit of Chicago.

But I can buy them

You can buy fireworks in Indiana and Wisconsin. Isn't it strange that people don't think that it is wrong because they can travel across state lines to buy something and bring them back. There is a reason you can't buy them here. There is a reason you have to buy them there yet no one seems to think it is illegal?

The novelty fireworks that you can buy in Illinois are perfectly legal here, if you can buy it here then you can use it here. Simple rule. If you have to travel to another municipality or state then you should probably check on your legal requirements.

The State Statues on Fireworks

Copies of the State statue can be found here
Copies of the State statue can be found here | Source

Can I get a Fireworks License?

Yes you can obtain a license to shoot off fireworks if you have the knowledge and follow all of the guidelines. This isn't an easy or cheap task. You also need to be insured to shoot off large scale fireworks. Also this something that you have to think about in advance no fireworks permits are issued from mid June until after the 4th of July, so beware procrastinators. I don't suggest this as a go around the people that do the serious fireworks have licenses for a reason.

Be Safe

The safest way to see the fireworks is to attend an approved city fireworks display and sit in the recommended seating area or further away. It is not recommended to sit closer or try to get a side view from the shooting location. Several accidents that happened this week were due to people being hit with faulty display were they were sitting too close to the shooting area.


While sparklers are legal in the state they may be banned by specific municipalities on public property. Sparklers can be fun, but they are also very dangerous due to the high temperature that they burn at. It is recommended that children are closely supervised during and after use. They metal stick remains very hot even after the firework has stopped burning. Sparkler injuries are on of the most common injuries that occur.

AND never ever ever light and use a sparkler over a gasoline tank. I am not kidding, my 50 year old aunt thought putting the sparkler over the back end of her pontoon boat was a great idea. I do not recommend this and luckily she was not injured.

Celebrate with Firework!

Have a great celebration but be aware the the risks, warnings, and laws. Although many of these are not enforced it doesn't mean they can't be enforced and don't be surprised when you get ticketed or possibly even sued by neighbors for endangering their well being. There are lots of sue happy people in this world so don't give them a reason to find fault at your expense.


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