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Are You Ready For Five Nights At Freddy’s 5?

Updated on June 1, 2016
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The Sister Location

After the teaser trailer launched about a week ago there was a ton of buzz, then, nothing. Every top game commenter dissected the trailer, everyone pointed out all the same stuff you’d already seen, and other than getting a look at two wildly different levels of graphics, the standard FNAF slightly murky in game graphics and the pristine amazingly generated animatronics, we’re left wondering and waiting for the sister location to launch.

But a lot of good questions have been raised, is this a stand alone game in a separate time line? Hardcore fans have wedged it in everywhere from a prequel of sorts to the distant future, and parts of the trailer are admittedly more sci-fi than horror, and where and what the heck is the sister location?

Just for fun, while we wait for the launch this fall, let’s have a look at the trailer, and for the love of Scott Cawthon, please don’t sue me. All trailer videos and other goodies are included for educational and speculative purposes only. I encourage readers to support the maker by playing the series and buying tons of cute plushies. Just, you know, don’t leave Foxy in your closet....

Introduction photo and all other photos and videos are the property of Scott Cawthon. I’ll be providing links to the sources. But to get us all up to speed, let’s have a look at the trailer first.

PS Lead photo is from Scott Games. All other photos are portions of the lead photo. Please don’t sure me. Note: As of writing this article 6/1/16, the game was not on preorder and we only have Trailer #1 to work with.

FNAF Sister Location Trailer #1

Where Or What Is The Sister Location?

OK, major fans have heard it is everything from being deep below ground, and thus a private facility, or something like a development facility. But we can all agree there’s some sequence somewhere that involves either a futuristic freight elevator (the thing is huge) or perhaps, just perhaps, it is another horror show location?

After all, if you can find customers naive enough to come back to a place with free roaming death machines, why not trap them underground with them, even though they look like they were designed to be military grade weapons? Seriously, have you seen the teeth on them?

My guess for what it is worth is that all our guesses will be wrong, but if we continue the child theory (games one through four were all a dream slash hallucination) it could even be a hospital of sorts. Though factory or really strange underground showplace are also just as likely.

So yes, we’re all guessing it takes place deep underground. Scott’s pretty good at misdirection and for all we know all the action was played in reverse and the characters we all know and love have escaped to free roam another Fazbear’s.

What Characters Will We Actually See?

By watching the trailer all the new characters, such as what we are all assuming from a convenient leak are Funtime Fox and or Mangle either pre-mangling (or a reboot) seem fixed in place. There movements are slightly more robotic than their design suggests, and all have a feature where their faces pop open to reveal the sharp toothed animatronic killing machine beneath.

Now, logically, you have to wonder what parent on seeing those teeth wouldn’t run for the exit, child in tow, but maybe that’s it. Maybe the game is fairly shouting that any place we take our children will atract danger. Adult readers know what I mean, kids, stay away from strangers, they don’t have candy, puppies or know anyone famous.

But are we going to get to see these beauties in game play? Will Funtime Foxy be speeding towards us or the Ballerina character be crawling through the vents? Only time will tell and if this game will be free roam for the player, will we have a safe room?

I’m hoping if this is a final game and not a series reboot we also get to see Chica and Bonnie, it wouldn’t be a FNAF game without them.

Is This A Reboot Or Final Game?

For those upset as Scott promised four was the final game, well, one, he designs the games, he can make five hundred of them if he wants, it doesn’t mean we have to play them, and two, it is his series. There might be more to the story that needs told. I’d honestly like to find out if all our theories are right and I’m actually excited to take a crack at this game.

But is this a reboot of a series that is only several years old, or one final chapter in which it will all make sense? Does it all tie into FNAF World’s ending or is something more sinister going on? There is also the likelihood that Scott is messing with his fanbase and the game might be vaporware. Sorry, but that is a possibility.

We can’t preorder it as of yet, though the plushies that are out of some characters would suggest either a tie in to FNAF World, earlier games, or perhaps this one? I’m teasing, the game will likely launch, perhaps earlier than the stated release date, but it will most likely launch and we’ll get ll our answer and tons more speculation.

What We Missed...

Did We See Baby?

We are all assuming the red pigtailed lass that leads the band is Baby, and likely she is, though Baby could easily be another character and this character may be any of the other leaked names. People have speculated this is the mini ballerina hinted at or the ghost of the girl from an earlier game is driving this character, but a lot of folks feel it is Baby.

Baby would make sense as the name for a sort of circus ballerina hybrid that is also a child, and would fit in, more or less with names like Balloon Boy, to indicate her youth. Is she also meant to be a free roam entertainer? Hopefully she doesn’t glitch out around the kids! And hopefully this character can inspire Fazbear’s to make some decent pizza for once.

We already know she and the others are scary, a huge change from the first FNAF. There the fright factor was that it was dark and creepy and these animatronics came to life. They looked like the actual animatronics you’d see at a family fun place back then, where the newest designs, well, they look more like a frightened child might see those animatronics, too big, scary, and those teeth.

If you ever got spooked by the jerky movements of shoddy singing animals rooted to a stage you’ll know what I mean. And no, kiddos, back in the 1980s none of the establishment I went to had free roaming robots that could one, move or two, understand orders and deliver pizza, cupcakes and other goodies.

Will We Play?

The most important question, is, of course, will we play? Is five games in a few years time one game too many? Can we even get scared at this point or will we fall asleep, only to be awakened by old pirate Foxy screaming in our face? We’re all used to the game mechanics by now, right? And one thing people have complained about is that in the series, once you figure out a pattern there isn’t much to do except close and open doors.

That said, it doesn’t prevent screaming rages when we die horrific deaths right when the clock was going to roll to six AM. And the truth is, all video games have limited things to do, it’s possible to get bored with and trade in any game we’ve mastered.

Or, it is also possible to enjoy it even more and start to explore, right? We’re all waiting on master let’s player or ourselves to unlock some goody. Like, I dunno, hide redemption codes for the plushies (or other games) in the game, Scott. No seriously, do it, better than accidentally giving pizza place coordinates out.

I for one want to play depending on launch price and system requirements and if my wallet has been pounced on by any cute plushies from the game. Imagine playing this game with your FNAF plushies in a darkened room with you. When you look up between nights, the plushies are gone... Happy gaming!

Want more speculation?

In case you missed them, one of the many speculation videos out there. Keep in mind that speculation is just that and neither I or any other person is claiming to know what FNAF 5 will actually be about. Please feel free to post your theories and thoughts below. As always, all comments are moderated.

Bonus Question: What are the pins we see on both female characters? Are they receivers of some sort? If so, it makes sense as one is also on Baby’s mike, but why doesn’t Freddy’s mike have the same feature? And why have them sticking out the side’s of Baby’s body when the ballerina has them on her skirt? Only a better look will give us answers, her “skin” could be a flesh toned costume like in a circus, after all.

10 Things We Missed

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