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Are we seeing the end of the British pub?

Updated on March 7, 2016

The British Pub

It would be a shame to see this close down
It would be a shame to see this close down | Source

Why are people not going to the pub anymore?

With 30 to 50 pubs in Britain closing down every week and have been doing so for the last few years, is there any chance of us saving this British institution?

I believe so.

I think a lot of the problem has to do with atmosphere. In this day and age people don't want to go for a quiet drink they want to be entertained and a lot of pub landlords seem to be missing the point.

Pub landlords I think are getting into a rut. They complain it's too quiet to put on entertainment when the probable reason their pub is quiet is because they have no entertainment.

Pub Entertainment

There is so much you can do to attract people to your local pub and if Karaoke is just too loud and doesn't appeal to your locals then do something quieter like a fun quiznight.

Don't stop there. I strongly believe that there should be something special on at the pub every single night of the year. At weekends why not get a bouncy castle for the kids and hire someone local to do face painting and balloon modelling. Have a curry night, a steak night, a buffet or some other huge promotion at least once a week.

Hold race nights in aid of charity, talent competitions, battle of the bands, bingo nights, I could go on and on and on.

Bring back the pub games! Bar billiards, bar shuffle board and dominoes.

Use the pool table for competitions, not just a pool league that people have to be committed to but why not just shout out "OK who's up for a game of killer pool? The winner gets a bottle of wine" every now and then. Do the same with the dart board!

Hold car boots in your car park every Sunday, have an Easter, Summer, Guy Folks and Christmas fete every year. Have charity fetes too.

Start a book exchange and book club.

Write a fortnightly pub magazine with local news, upcoming events, a brain teaser and crossword puzzle page with a few jokes thrown in for good measure, invite the locals to write articles like cooking, a book review, a movie review, fishing, whatever they are into.

Be a part of the community and the community will have a reason come to you.

Keep the pace going, don't miss any opportunity like The Grand National, do a sweep stake and a race night the same day. Have a Burns night with Haggis and Neeps, St. Patrick's Day celebration with Guinness, free baseball caps, tee-shirts & Guinness glasses to give away that the brewery or your beer rep will be happy to supply for free if you ask them. Hold an Easter egg hunt for the children.

Invite the local animal sanctuary to bring some animals and raise some money for them. Invite the local fire brigade to bring a fire engine for the children to look at and raise money for them too.

Organize day trips to the seaside, a jolly boys outing or a booze run to France.

Advertise your local pub in a pub guide so people know what you're doing and know how to contact you.

If all this was going on down your local pub would you feel like you were missing out by not going? I know I would.


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