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Woodworking Plans and Hardware Kits | Make the perfect gift for a grandchild

Updated on October 30, 2012
Buckboard Wagon Kit and Plans from Cottage Craft Works
Buckboard Wagon Kit and Plans from Cottage Craft Works
Handcar Kit and Plans from Cottage Craft Works
Handcar Kit and Plans from Cottage Craft Works

Build Some Old Fashioned Ride On Toys

If you are like my husband you have probably already went through every wood working magazine that he has accumulated over the years looking for a project for that special grandchild or grandchildren for Christmas day. But nothing jumps off the page as the project to build for this year’s special gift from Grandpa. Your hopes are what ever he builds will be cherished as a potential future family heirloom.

Also frustrated with not knowing what they will like to have and play with and not knowing where to even begin puts another day closer to Christmas going empty handed. Concerns are also in the back of your mind that today’s kids just are not outside enough to get the fresh air and exercise that you grew up with.

Consider building an old fashioned toy Handcar or 1901 Buckboard Wagon. Remember the hours spent pulling the family dog around the yard, dressing up the dolls to go shopping or making the wagon take you to those imaginary transformations of Army jeeps, cars and airplanes.

Cottage Craft Works offers full plans and hardware kits to build the Handcar or 1901 Buckboard Wagon. All you need to add is the wood and your woodworking talents to give your grand kids a special gift from Grandpa this year. (You will need to purchase the wheels locally for these).

Don’t wait too long, these kits are very popular and it may take two-four weeks to get yours.

See all of the old time toys and complete kits at Cottage Craft Works.

Cottage Craft Works is an online old time general store offering unique hard to find products from the past generations. Complete finished products and kits are available to build your own projects.


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    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 6 years ago from Oregon

      My Grandpa used to always hand make wooden toys for us in his workshop. Those were cool, thanks for making me think about those fun wooden toys we received as kids.