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The Ultimate Brain Teasers

Updated on February 5, 2018
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Among his varied other writing interests, Richard Parr aspires to creating interesting and inspiring stories about life.


Hardest Brain Teasers On The Internet ...Possibly.

So, you think you're pretty sharp, eh? A real smarty-pants.

Well, welcome to the quiz that'll shrink your breaches down to size and shave that hubris off your cocky top lip. If you enjoy whimpering like a wet puppy then read on; by the end these questions will have you begging a merciful lobotomy.

You've been warned. Only the insanely brave or inanely reckless need enter. [maniacal laughter]

Ultimate Brain Teaser 1: Health and Wellness

It wouldn't surprise me to find you already know the answers to some of these questions. But unlikely it is you'll know all of them. Give it your best shot.

Health and Wellness

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Ultimate Brain Teaser 2: Worldviews


Our worldview influences everything; our goals in life; our decisions; our treatment of others; our self-worth; our attitude to material possessions; our approach to death; what we think is wrong with the world and how we are going to put it right; how we relate to human need, family structure, to those outside our own community, to human rights, and to government.

That said, what we say we believe and how we behave do not always match up, our actions often point more clearly to what we really believe.

Ultimate Brain Teaser 3: Psychology

Know thyself

You may know yourself, but that ain't gonna give you a bugs chance in a microwave of knowing all the answers to this little puzzler.

But hey, don't lose your Zen man.

Ultimate Brain Teaser 4: Left Brain Thinkers

Are you left brain thinker?

Try some of these cerebral conundrums and prove it.

Left Brain Thinkers

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Ultimate Brain Teaser 5: The Bible

The Bible, accepted by many as the source of truth, the standard for meaningful life, the revelation of Jesus Christ, the key to true freedom and liberty, and true food for man's soul... how well do you know it?

Ultimate Brain Teaser 6: Tools of the Trade


Whether tradesman, journeyman, handyman or just human, this questionnaire will have you futilely yammering for answers.

Tools of the Trade

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Ultimate Brain Teaser 7: Music

What is it about music that so inspires and soothes the mind of man? These questions will likely do the opposite for you.

Ultimate Brain Teaser 8: Classical Studies

The ancient world of Greece and Rome, civilizations upon which is founded much of the modern world. Yet also a world of mysticism and fantastical stories. Best of luck trying to answer these ancient puzzlers.

Classical Studies

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Ultimate Brain Teaser 9: Star Wars

Whether ten or fifty, the Star Wars phenomenon has likely impacted you in some way. That may be as subtle as the toy purchases you make or, for the die-hard, your choice of religion [Jedi].

Do you know the ways of the force, or have you turned to the dark side?... Find out now.

Ultimate Brain Teaser 10: Bookworms

Humans love to read. Arguably it is the power of the written word that grants to mankind much of what he enjoys. Imagine what the world would be if man could not write down his thoughts, dreams, ideas, discoveries and perceptions.

© 2012 Richard Parr


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    • Rob Winters profile image

      Rob Winters 

      7 years ago

      A most engaging hub.Nice layout and great use of the quiz capsules.Up & Interesting.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      Really difficult. I scored a 50 and a 70 and I leave the others for another day. Thanks for doing the research and sharing it in a fun way. Or did you always know these answers?


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