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Arkham City & Origins - Guide to Combat

Updated on February 5, 2016

He's taken one of you out! And not on the first date kind.



So! You want to get better at beating thugs down with your fists eh? Well you've come to the right place my friend! I've played Arkham Asylum on normal and hard difficulties. Arkham City on normal, and new game plus. Played Arkham Origins on Normal, new game plus, and I am the night mode. Safe to say, I'm a bit experienced with the free-flow combat the Arkham games use. I hope that you'll walk away learning something new!

Starting off - Understanding

Alright, first order of business is explaining how the combat works in City and Origins works. It's free flow combat, not quite on the same level as Asylum.

Thugs will be in greater numbers, they'll make use of shields, tasers, guns, armor, sharp weapons, and in origins' case martial artists and the enforcers.

Free flow works very well when keeping momentum up and a fist in every face of a thug.You'll want to keep moving as much as you can and jumping around from foe to foe.

Example of how to move in combat

Arkham City Gadgets

Now a great thing to do in both origins and city is to test out what each gadget does, who they affect the best, and later employing them in combat with the Quickfire Button.

Remote Electrical Charge - that is employed in City is very useful for fighting thugs with armor and guns. Armored thugs will be blown back, stunned and on the ground for a long period of time. If you shoot it at a thug who is using a gun it'll cause them to misfire. Their gun will recoil in the air and make them empty several rounds. A good way to keep them off your back until you can approach them or kick them in the face and make them drop it.

Batclaw - one of Batman's well known gadgets. It can be used to pull in an unfortunate thug that also could be the most dangerous of the group. (You can also get the disarm technique). If you decide to attack the thug you just pulled in with your Batclaw, Batman will perform a stylish clothes line attack that'll leave him without his weapon, stunned and on the ground. Perfect to help finish or change your attention elsewhere in the fight.

Freeze Blast - these handy grenades can be use to freeze a single thug solid. There is also an upgrade to make it into a cluster attack that'll stun a group of thugs. Freezing their legs they'll try to free themselves for a moment of time. Good to stun the bigger boys and take down the weaker ones. I also found the Freeze Blast very easy for the Riddler's informants. Keeping them safe and unable to attack you till you've dealt with any surrounding enemies. You even have your own take down for a frozen thug.

Batarang - Batman's greatest and most used gadgets. The game teaches you early in Arkham City their quickfire option. With further upgrades to their strength they can be a force to be reckoned with. They work well tossing at the beginning of a fight or build up your multiplier and having their enhanced strength go to work. A thug that's been knocked down by you before a few times will be knocked out for good with a multiplied damage batarang. They can also be good to knock a foe back, right before jumping at him.

Smoke Pellet - I am unsure if this weapon has a quickfire option, but it works even best before jumping into a crowd of enemies. They'll be stunned by the smoke and prance around throwing fists blindly. This can make them fight each other unintentionally and you can drop in at the perfect timing to catch them all off-guard.

Explosive Gel - this little number is great for when you are easily out numbered. One quickfire shot and pressing the button again will cause it to detonate. The gel lets you know how many targets are near it and will be affected when it goes off. It'll leave guys on the ground and dazed for several seconds. This can be a huge edge to preform take downs on them or focus on others who were outside of its blast radius.

Arkham Origins Gadgets

I'll now go into Arkham Origin's Gadgets. Some of these will either be the same from City or simply re-skinned but do the same action. I'll let you know which one these are and will refer you to the above Arkham City Gadget's section.

Remote Grapple - My favorite Gadget from Origins. You acquire it from Deathstroke. It works by firing a single 'claw' it shoots out both ends that create a wire when you need to reach a higher place. For combat you can 'soft target' meaning you can simply highlight an object or person you want the claw to hit. When you shoot it at another person or item (like an explosive canister) it'll fire to the 'soft target'. You can use this to plan out knocking over two more dangerous enemies.(like one with a gun and a shield). This is also a handy weapon for predator sections. You can upgrade it to be higher tension cables. This is a fancy way of saying you can happily string enemies up on gargoyles or other vantage points and dangle them until they fall unconscious. I always found use for this gadget and I highly recommend you try it out!

Glue Grenades - Very useful too but they work alike the freeze grenades of Arkham City. Instead of being frozen solid for single target the thugs are webbed in a cocoon of glue and they'll make comments like "Can't move!" "What is this stuff?" There is also a cluster feature to it as well.

Shock Gloves - Your buddy Electrocutioner left these great devices to your use after his unfortunate passing. They work with momentum of the free-flow combat. The more people you punch the batteries begin to charge up. Once they reach their capacity you can release the charge and deliver electrified punches to your enemies. These punches are unblockable, so go crazy for the martial artists and they work great at whittling down an enforcer's armor, thugs who use a shield are no match as well. These are extremely handy to use in the fights with Bane

Disruptor - Used to knock out electrical devices, disable guns, and from an upgrade can even be used to disable weapon crates . Disabling weapon crates is very handy. You'll still have them run over there and try to open the crate but instead they'll yell about the crate being locked and needing a key and become more and more desperate to open them when you're whittling down their friends.

And a partridge in a pear tree!


The Approach

Now you know some handy tricks and uses for the gadgets that you might not have used before or only found them useful in certain encounters.

Now I will be going into how to approach a group of thugs in combat. You'll want to do this before you glide down or open a door to engage them.

Ways to perform (-No need to follow these in order-)

1.Use Detective Vision - This is Batman's second vision. Use this to scout out and study a scene before you run into a group of thugs. Notice which weapons they are carrying. Their positions, all of this can be handy information to make an encounter go your way.

2. Open up the fight with gadget use - I found going with the Remote Claw, or disrupting crates or guns of some thugs before running at them helps a lot. The Batclaw also works well to quickly knock down an enemy before engaging the rest once they notice you

3. Combo finishers - The disarm and destroy one works very well with just about anything. Now for certain thugs like an armored one it'll treat it like the takedown combo when batman brutally breaks their arm or leg. Tasers, shields, guns all are very handy to be destroyed permanently with this combo. The Takedown combo is very useful here, also the stun one with a Batswarm can work to your advantage too! The knockout combo is extremely useful when fighting a large amount of thugs. Batman jumps into the air and delivers a bataran to all currently downed thugs, permanently knocking them out.

4. Dodging - Jumping over thugs after attacks works well to avoid being hit by them, it also allows you to move without issue through the group.

5. Countering - Very crucial to the combat in this game, the knife takedown works well on the assassins from Origins, and any foe wielding a broken bottle or knife. Countering also will add a point to your multiplier.

Come on boys! He's only one man, one man armed to the teeth and dressed like a bat! Haha, go get him!


Hope it helped!

Well that settles it.

All of the information I can think to help you out with the combat of City and Origins. Remember to use certain take downs too, like ledge ones, verticle, etc. Gliding into combat works well enough too!

I hope you found this page very helpful, and I hope you'll be experienced with the Arkham combat by the time Arkham Knight releases! Please let me know in the comments below if you have anything to add, or ask questions. I am happy to help!

Also if you're interested in playing Origin's multiplayer, this information might help you as well! I somehow managed to win one game alone as Batman when my partner as Robin dropped from the game. Leaving me to fight both the Joker's players and Bane's players.


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