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Best Arms Warrior Pvp Spec Cataclysm

Updated on November 15, 2012

Arms Warrior PvP Spec Cataclysm

There is no correct Arms Warrior PvP Spec, it is all preference. In Cataclysm, Warriors in are just incredible. My favorite talent that was added was Just because some warriors play a certain way doesn't mean they all have to. I am not saying my spec is right for you, but I am saying it is a great spec. I do not claim that my Arms Warrior PvP Spec is 100% right for you, but I give a basic idea of why I put those talents there.

These talents are more or less to keep myself healed as my gear is not that good. It makes my healer's lives a little easier and benefits me a lot at the moment. The main thing that you should take away from this page is that Gag Order is a must! That is right Arms/Prot is the best spec hands down. Be sure to have that skill along with bladestorm. Everything else is entirely up to you. What type of PvP do you do? There is no best warrior pvp spec in that regard.

Arms War PvP Spec

War Academy in the first row just isn't worth it to me.

If you are big on stance dancing, then tactical mastery is not a bad choice, however I prefer the rage from Second wind much better, along with the health.

Overpower and Hamstring, my two favorites. Gotta have sweeping strikes and Impale as well.

Deadly Calm is a no brainer, I am not big on Slam at all.

Sudden Death is a must and so is Juggernaut. Lambs also is great, I love using overpower after it.

The last 3 skills are also no brainers.

Best PvP Spec Warrior

Here is where I am sure a lot of people spec in to. That is fine with me, however I am not a fan of fury, not with Prot has to offer.

I am speced into Blood Craze, but if you want Cruelty be my guest. I am too busy using other skills since Mortal Strike has been nerfed. When my gear is better I will certainly put my points in to Cruelty, but for now I am sticking with Blood Craze.

Executioner is just not worth it to me, not in PvP. The best warrior pvp spec does not consist of it in my humble opinion. It is great for bosses, but I'd personally leave that one out. Booming voice is very good, along with Piercing howl.

The best war dps spec is really up to you, if you like fury better and love execute, by all means get it.

Warrior PvP Spec

The best PVP spec for warriors has GOT to involve protection. When I read the first row of talents I picked Prot over Fury, and on the second row. The best warrior pvp spec has got to include Gag Order. Heroic throw becomes a 30 second move AND gets a 3 second silence. This is perfect against healers. There is nothing better. When you use this you are usually trapped and your prey is nearly dead. What better way to do 5k+ damage and give them a 3 second silence for good measures. This is a game winner and game changer.

If you don't agree with my exact spec, that is fine, twink it to your liking. But I am telling you right now, if you want the best warrior pvp spec, Gag order is a must.

Shield Mastery is also a great option for certain Arena make ups. Be sure to look into that if you are a serious Arena player. Only the best use that.


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