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Art Easel for Kids - Great Fun and Educational Too. A Great Investment in Your Childs Future!

Updated on December 1, 2012
Alex Toys Art Easel
Alex Toys Art Easel

A kids art easel makes a great gift for any child. Children with few exceptions just love to draw. Even before their motor skills are fully developed a few scribbles can elicit great joy from the infant and parents alike.

Providing a child with their own art easel provides them with their very own space to express themselves, one that doesn't have to be shared with adults. A plus for parents is that there's no cause for tears when the table needs to be cleared of art materials to make room for a meal!

Being able to stop and quickly leave a work of art in progress on an easel without much difficulty is another bonus forĀ  both children and parents. Also many art easels come provided with storage in the form of bins and shelves to hold various art materials, instead of having them spread around the floor or table.

Crayola Magnetic Double Easel
Crayola Magnetic Double Easel

Drawing requires hand-eye co-ordination skills and observational skills, using an easel is a fun way of improving them. Easels that have a magnetic face can help with reading, writing and mathematical development as the child is able to play about with preformed letters, numbers and shapes that can be stuck to or easily moved about on the blackboard or whiteboard.

Some art easels for kids are double easels, that is having two working surfaces, so that two children can be using the same easel at the same time. This can of course be great fun or the cause of some squabbles, but either way may eventually require an amount of co-operation, sharing and consideration for the other little person working on the easel.

The size, design and construction materials of art easels varies depending largely on the age of the child it is intended for. Many are adjustable so that an easel can be suitable for several years use, particularly those designed for older children. Those that are most adjustable are often the more traditional wooden easel designs, yet often with a modern twist such as a whiteboard that can be used with various washable ink pens.

Some kids easels come with a protective mat to place under the easels, however it is not difficult to find a plastic sheet to protect your floor if they don't. Tip - cover the plastic sheet with an old sheet or curtain to mop up small spills so that they don't get carried around on feet so easily.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Buying an easel for your children or grandchildren can bring a lot of fun into their lives and be one of the best "toy" investments in their future you can make. Give them the confidence to express themselves, a useful skill for adulthood..

Now there are many good art easels available, some of the best on sale at the moment, include the Melissa & Doug Easel Deluxe Standing Easel.

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