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Assassin Missions + Ninja Achievement - Asteroid Stage - Solar 2

Updated on November 10, 2013

This Solar 2 walkthrough and strategy guide covers the asteroid stage Assassin missions along with the associated Ninja achievement. Within this guide you will find strategies and tactics along with playthrough videos showing these tasks being performed in real time.

The assassin missions in Solar 2 task you with taking out a single Nomad ship in each level, one of each type that exists. There is an achievement associated with these mission, Ninja, which requires that you complete all 3 levels without dying. The video below will show how to do this.

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Tips for these levels

Some shared concepts between the three assassin missions are that you need to find some way of baiting the target nomad vessel into giving chase. Using your asteroid, you will need to lead your target into combat with any red spaceships that spawn from Life Planets. All of the Nomad vessels can destroy your asteroid with a single hit.

Your target enemy always seems to spawn next to a nearby asteroid field, starting off preoccupied with blasting apart these rocks. To bait these targets, the best option is always to travel around the Nomad vessel, just outside of it’s weapon range while said target destroys whatever asteroids are closer to it. Eventually you will end up being the closest asteroid and the Nomad will give chase, allowing you to lead it along until you find some hostile red lifeforms to have them combat. Using the path key (P for PC users) will give you a good idea when the exact moment the Nomad is chasing you with a white line connecting from it to your asteroid.

Although it is certainly possible that you could lead the target ship into an obstacle of some kind, chances are your aggressor is going to dodge whatever it is relatively easily. It’s worth trying as you search for a Life Planet, but don’t try going out of your way with this method as its more trouble than its worth.

Lastly, these levels do not penalize you for death, however you will not be able to unlock the Ninja achievement if you die anywhere in the chain.

Getting the Missile Boat's attention in Assassin 1 of Solar 2.
Getting the Missile Boat's attention in Assassin 1 of Solar 2.

Assassin 1

The first mission has you eliminating one of the Missile Boat type of ships, spawning near the mission beacon. This level is the only one where you can survive if fired upon, as long as you can manage to evade the missiles, much like in the Fun and Games missions.

Assassin 2

Level 2 now has you tasked with baiting a Cruiser. You have to stay out of it’s laser range or face instant death, but the aggression radius is larger allowing an easy bait with some patience. The slow speed of this vessel makes a safe bait but means you need to also slow your speed when leading it along, as running off will lose your target.

Baiting the nomad Fighter in Assassin 3 of Solar 2.
Baiting the nomad Fighter in Assassin 3 of Solar 2.

Assassin 3

The last and honestly most deadly ship to your asteroid is the Fighter, which you must now bait in the final level of this chain. Beyond applying the same tactics you have used up to this point, the one good idea to keep in mind is to keep your speed up and never try to stop moving completely. The Fighter has high mobility, allowing it to quickly take you out if caught unprepared and too close.

Ninja Achievement - Video Walkthrough


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