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Assassins Creed 3, A step forward or a step back.

Updated on February 15, 2014

Assassins creed 3 trailer


From this amazing trailer you see that they changed up the style for this game, new time, new enemy and some new weapons. You can't wait to see what kind of new weapons and new skills will be available in this game.

Assassins Creed 3 gameplay

The fighting style has changed completely for this game, it's become more engaging and realistic. The fighting itself has also improved quite a bit. There may be times you fight with your fists just for the fun of the wrestling type slams you can do. They have added in some slow motion moves and some great counter attacks. I think one point to make with the fighting, is that unlike in previous games your skills will not improve. Previous games you would learn new skills in order to improve your assassinations and help for stealth kills. However in this game this doesn't change.

The assassins recruits has been somewhat diminished as most of the assassins have been killed off, this leaves you with only 4 recruits available and they will not have the assassins clothing.

A new apparently great part of Assassins Creed 3 is the navy battles, which received such good feedback they decided to make the next game mostly ship based. However not enough happens in ship battles for it to become the majority of the game. Hopefully Ubisoft have stepped it up in Black Flag. The ship buttons consist of stop, half sail, full sail, ducking and firing. Most ship battles will be you protecting an ally ship or defeating an enemy ship. In this game they have decided that if everyone on board the ship ducks all cannons fired at you will miss, the enemy ships must not be firing at the actual boat itself. The navy battles are fun but a bit repetitive.

Bow and Arrow


Weapons Available

In the new assassins creed you get many new weapons including:

  • Bow and arrow.
  • Gun.
  • Tomahawk.
  • Rope dart.

This is of course on top of all the usual weapons from the previous games. Although these weapons look good, some of them are actually quite useless. For example the bow and arrow doesn't seem to be able kill anyone from far, even when shot in the head. This was disappointing as the bow looked to be a great addition. If your looking to kill guards in one hit, stick to the crossbow. The rope dart is actually a great weapon, on stealth missions while incognito you can throw a rope dart at a nearby soldier. You will drag the soldier into to the bush (or other hiding place) and silently assassinate them. Be careful though because once you throw the dart you will automatically stand up and so will no longer be incognito. The tomahawk is basically a cooler version of the dagger and you can perform some cool looking kills with it. This game is set back when guns were on the come up and so don't expect any automatic rifles or call of duty weaponry. You want to make sure your aim is good when using the gun to start a battle, it takes a while to reload and you will want to kill as many enemies as you can.

Assassins Creed 3 on Xbox 360

Weapons poll

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Assassins Creed 3 Missions

The missions have become somewhat ridiculous in this game. As before there are different types of missions the story missions and side missions. However the side missions have become pretty rubbish especially what is know as the homestead missions. Homestead missions consist of nonsense you do for your fellow villagers, this includes picking flowers, playing bowls, finding trinkets and other pointless activities. This will increase the amount of villagers in your home and can help for trading. When you have enough villagers you can craft items and sell them, the money you get can be used to improve you ships weapons and armor.

The main missions have been dragged out, you start of as a Templar until your son is born and then you play as him. The actual missions don't allow you as much stealth as in previous games and they seem to have forgotten what the main purpose of the game is. When playing as the son who is the actual assassin you have to wait till halfway through the game to get the assassins uniform. The only thing you are taught by your mentor is how to use the rope darts.

After becoming an assassin you end up helping out america with it's war against the English, taking down English forts so the Americans can occupy them. In some missions you are given command of troops and can issue orders of when and were to fire.

Navy battles



In conclusion it is still a good game, however it's one of those games you stop playing once finished. Previous Assassins Creed games I have played over and over but not this one. If your a fan of the series or like games with good plots you should still try it. Although the ship battles are kind of terrible I will still purchase the new Black Flag to see how it is. Black Flag will be the decider of whether the games will improve or get worse.

It was a step forward in terms of moves and fighting but a step back in terms of story and side missions.

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag


Assassins Creed Black Flag Xbox 360

Assassins Creed Rating

3 stars for Gameplay


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