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Asteroid Stage Index - Solar 2 Guide

Updated on November 8, 2013
Solar 2
Solar 2

The Asteroid stage is the first stage in Solar 2. You will control a small rock flying through space. This is the most limited of the stages, considering you are capable of directly influencing other celestial objects the least while as an Asteroid. In terms of missions and other tasks however, the Asteroid stage is still more populated than the Black Hole stage in this regard. You will find links to the mission guides below and tips and a video on progressing to the next stage of Planet below.

The Asteroid Missions

If you are looking for additional guides for this video game you can find links below to the other stage indexes which hold more information and links to guides specific to those stages of existence.

Fun ideas while you are an Asteroid

Due to your incredibly small mass, you are capable of propelling yourself to insanely high speeds, faster than capable of being reached by simple movement key based acceleration, by slingshotting yourself through the gravity wells of larger objects like stars or even Black Holes. Your high speed means massive damage against an unshielded object.

Collide with evolving or newly developed planets to create your own mass extinction event.

Knock other asteroids around, into other planets or stars for the above purposes or gain some mass and use your newly formed gravity well to pull other asteroids along with you to make a storm of projectiles against some hapless planet.

Consuming mass as an asteroid in Solar 2.
Consuming mass as an asteroid in Solar 2.

Asteroid -> Small Planet Progression

Progression from the Asteroid stage towards the Small Planet stage is the easiest and quickest stage transition in the game of Solar 2. In order to make the leap to this next stage you will need to grow larger by running into other asteroids until you reach 20 mass.

Tips for Asteroid progression:

The methods used to gain enough mass to hit Small Planet are relatively straightforward. As mentioned above you simply have to collide with other asteroids to take in their mass. The larger you become, the less speed you need to eat the other space rocks since there is more force behind each collision.

You can’t lose mass while an asteroid, however you can be easily destroyed by colliding into any planets or stars. You can destroy space ships in a collision without taking any damage, however nomad ships will target you even if only nearby although red hostile lifeforms will ignore you unless their planet was recently hit by another asteroid.

Solar 2 Asteroid Progression – Video Walkthrough

Helping your best friend asteroid gain mass in Solar 2.
Helping your best friend asteroid gain mass in Solar 2.

Best Friend Mission

The best friend mission is rather simple and stands alone in its group in Solar 2. Your best friend asteroid buddy requires your help in becoming a Small Planet. You, also as an asteroid, will need to push the target asteroid around into other rocks to make it grow larger while protecting it from hazards.

Tips for the Best Friend level:

Patience is important here in maintaining relative control of your buddy asteroid by keeping it traveling only fast enough to consume more mass. If you start rocketing it across the map, the chances a Nomad or physical object will destroy it are very high.

Remember, just like your asteroid, it can be destroyed relatively easily and only takes one stray shot to cause a mission restart. To best avoid other hazards, stick to a specific asteroid field as long as possible, avoiding traveling significant distances.

Best Friend Mission – Video Walkthrough


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