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Attack Of The Wargs - Lego Hobbit Set - Release Date & Prices

Updated on November 13, 2012

Here at the Hobbit Hole we love all things Lego and obviously we also love all things Hobbit related, so when we heard that Lego were releasing six sets based on the Hobbit we were very excited. We have been working our way through the six new Hobbit Lego sets and reviewing each one, today it is the turn of ‘Attack Of The Wargs’. We will take a close look at this new build, tell you about price and the release date for the Attack Of The Wargs set.

Lego has for many decades been one of the most popular choices when it comes to children’s toys. Around ten years ago Lego discovered that basing their bricks on stories and characters that people were already familiar with was a great way to increase sales. So in the past decade we have seen popular lines such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean and quite a few more. The latest big release to be based on something we are all familiar with is Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings Lego. These new Hobbits sets are being released just in time for the first instalment of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy. There are six new sets coming out but the one we are going to be concentrating on today is the one called Attack Of The Wargs.

Attack Of The Wargs Lego Set

The Hobbit Lego Set - Attack Of The Wargs

So when you look at the six new sets this one sits around the middle when it comes to size and price. We are expecting this one to retail at around the $50 mark, although this price may yet be subject to change. The Attack of The Wargs Lego set comes with the item number 79002. As for the release date we are expecting this one to hit the stores early December, however it could be that the release date is brought forward slightly to make sure people have plenty of time to get hold of these sets before Christmas.

Of the six new sets this is possibly the most surprising inclusion. If you have read the book you will be familiar with the section this is taken from but it’s not really a stand out bit of the book. The set is focused on when Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves have fled the Misty Mountains and now find themselves in a clearing near some rather nasty wolves. When the wolves or Wargs as they are also known see the group they attack them so Bilbo and his company climb up the trees. It’s not long before the Goblins appear and join the Wargs in their attempt to capture Bilbo and his friends. The Goblins light fires at the foot of the trees to try and bring them down.

The build is quite nicely done and reflects what happens in the story very well. There is a large tree which is the main section of the build, there is also what looks to be a broken tomb and some little fires. The highlight of the set are the two Wargs. These are apparently brand new moulds made by Lego so they will be pieces you will have never encountered in any previous sets. There is one large white Warg and one grey one, they basically look like big wolves. We also get five minifigures included, Thorin, Bifur, two Goblins and Yazneg who is apparently one of the leaders of the Goblins. You can clip the minifigures onto the back of the Wargs which is a nice feature. We think this is a nice little set that has plenty going on and we really do like the look of the two new Wargs, this is one that should be quite popular when it gets released.

Some Hobbit Minifigures

Collecting The Minifigures

In our other articles about the Hobbit Lego sets we have reviewed the other sets and talked about possible future Hobbit sets. For something a little different though we thought we would run through all the new minifigures we are going to be getting when the release of Hobbit Lego takes place. We found that the minifigures in the Lord Of The Rings sets were really wonderfully well done and we expect nothing less from these new builds. So which sets contain which figures? Well let’s take a look.

Riddles For The Ring - The smallest of the new sets this one has Gollum and Bilbo. Gollum is in a crouched position holding a fish and Bilbo has his trusty sword at the ready.

An Unexpected Gathering - The Bag End set features Bilbo, Gandalf, Balin, Bofur, Bombur and Dwalin. A nice little set with four of the dwarves, so a good one to get hold of no doubt.

Goblin King Battle - The largest of the new sets this one has eight figures included. Gandalf, Dori, Nori, Ori, three Goblins and the brilliant Goblin King which is far larger then the standard minifigures.

Attack Of The Wargs - As mentioned earlier this one contains Bifur, Thorin, Yazneg and two other Goblins.

Escape From Mirkwood Spiders - This one has two spiders and then four minifigures. These are Kili and Fili, then the interesting addition of the new character Tauriel and also Legolas.

Escape In The Barrels - This set features five minifigures and these will be Bilbo, Oin, Gloin and then two wood elves.

Now if you are eagle eyed and paying attention you will notice something about these six sets and their minifigures. Lego have managed to include all thirteen dwarves as well as Bilbo and Gandalf. So the entire company is included. You have to buy five of the six sets to get all these characters, the Riddles For The Ring sets does not include any that you need as Bilbo features in two other sets. However fans will still want that one due to the inclusion of Gollum. So Lego have done really well to make sure we get the entire company in minifigure form.

As you can see the coming Hobbit Lego sets really do look like being very exciting. The Attack Of The Wargs set is sure to be a popular one and there is lots going on and of course the two Wargs really do look interesting. For fans of all things Tolkien we are sure these new builds will go down very well. As the hype around the film gathers momentum there is going to be a real rush on to get hold of these brilliant new toys come the end of the year.


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