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Audi, BMW, Range Rover "contract price" 80 million in China

Updated on March 29, 2016

Perhaps to give our customers the feeling to drive a car but do not have to spend too much money, a car maker in China has launched a new range of vehicles at a price of only 22800-23800 yuan (about 80 million).

Seamless "Audi" sold on the sidewalk.

Only such amounts of money, but the owner can fully make people think they are going to face a luxury car brand BMW, Audi or Range Rover, .. simply because they are the cars "Counterfeiters ".

Logo to 5 circles, more than the Audi "genuine" of Germany.

This is essentially the product of a genuine electric vehicle called Jixiangjinma. But maybe the "tradition" of his country, Jixiangjinma not hesitate to "counterfeit" logo as well as the design of the famous car company.

The cars with the staging grille characteristic of BMW.

Logo also white and blue, but on the horse that is the symbol of the Chinese automaker.

Range Rover inscription has also been replaced by Jixiangjinma.

Not only that, the company's designers are "clones have the heart" while not mimic intact, they even added the first circle on the logo Audi, BMW replaced the horse on the logo or use text Jixiangjinma instead of the Range Rover, ...

Close-up of BMW, Audi, Range Rover ... 80 million price.

Knowing Chinese restaurant known for making "fake", but "fake" to all the cars that tastes laws and the people here are alarming.
In Vietnam, many lines of electric bicycles, motorcycles power on the current market is "counterfeit" under the famous cars like Vespa 946, Zoomer X, ...


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