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Remarkable Automata and Mechanical Toys

Updated on December 10, 2012

Do you like the athmophere of the industrial ages in 19th and 20th centuiries? Do you like toys that have character and look of preciseness and simplicity? If you do, you certainly like the automata and mechanical toys.

Nowadays mechanical toys have lost their popularity as opposed to RC toys and computer games, but they still have their place especially for connoisseurs.

I'll introduce you shortly to the types of mechanical toys and then will show you few remarkable ones.

Types of Mechanical Toys and How They Work

Mechanical toys are called also 'automata' because they use the first principles of automation and implement them using only mechanical power - no electricy, no solar power, no fuel.

One of the most popular categories of automata are the cam toys - they are simple to understand and even build yourself. The cams in cam toys are often combined together in chains and powered by cranks which generally forms the category of crank toys.

One very nice category are the gravity toys which use the gravitation power. These types of toys are great for education because the physical principles are easy to understandby kids.

The outdoor spring toys are also mechanical toys in their nature but they are very simple in their mechanisms.

Maybe the most popular and greatest category of automata are the wind up toys which are powered using a key winding a tin and letting the toy move up to several minutes.

Mechanical toys are usually made of tin or plastic, but there is no surprise to see a wooden mechanical toy - and I can assure they are just great!

Several Remarkable Mechanical Toys

Here are few really cool mechanical toys with links.

See this amazing mechanical train on Flickr. It has all the gears and everything that's presented in a real traing and it's all pure mechanics. It has been pictured in a museum in Monreal.

Here is an entire ensemble of cute wind up insects - I have seen them for sale on Amazon for just few bucks. Really cool!

And finally, enjoy this amazing mechanical scorpio. Windf up toys look great when their gears are visible.

Video: Mechanical Crocodile


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