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New Features of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Updated on May 5, 2017

Gameplay of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Graphics and Animation

This is an obvious one, but it makes the game a lot better all the same. Since Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is going to be released so long after its predecessors, its graphics are going to be much, much better than the graphics in the older games. The character animation of the previous games was stiff, and even awkward at times (Don't even get me started about characters crossing their arms). In Bannerlord, you can expect the character's animation to be created using motion capture. That's right. It's the animation technique that uses people dressed up in reflector-covered suits to capture and render movement. This promises smoother, more natural-looking animation, something the other games could have used.

Weapon Customization

In Mount and Blade Warband, there was only a limited selection of weapons that you could either purchase or find. This worked out fine for the game then, but with the new release, people are wanting something new. And guess what TaleWorlds gave us? Customizable weapons. Yes, you heard right. Just like they showed us in their gameplay video, you can choose from hundreds of parts and create your very own, entirely unique weapon. It's not just swords, either. You can make every kind of weapon in the game. This combined with the much better graphics makes for some pretty sweet looking weapons. If all this wasn't enough, you can even customize the stats of the weapon.

There May or May Not be a Co-Op Campaign

Everyone wants this. This is a highly requested feature, but there has been no confirmation from TaleWorlds. Imagine getting on with your friends and running through the world of Calaradia on your horses. What player doesn't want to do that? TaleWorlds said it would be extremely difficult, which doesn't make it seem like it has a big chance of making it into the game. But still, they never said no! So keep dreaming.

Improved NPCs and Quests

The NPC in the previous games wasn't bad, it's just the quests they gave you could be repetitive. At one point, the only thing lords ever wanted me to do was send letters. That's it. But in Bannerlord, this is an entirely different story.

Going back to the quests. The quests in Warband either increased or decreased your relation with the person who gave the quest, you either got paid or they said something that made you want to regret not finishing it. That was pretty much it. Well, that's not the case in Bannerlord. There and multiple different outcomes for quests, which is a really important feature to keep players interested.

Now, on to the relationships with other NPCs. Bannerlord will feature a much more important connection between you and the NPC. Here's an example that TaleWorlds gave on their website: "This however, takes on a new dimension in Bannerlord, as that relationship can have a more profound impact on your character, and the decisions you make. As an example, when you go to a town to recruit soldiers, instead of simply receiving a number of local recruits, the town's NPCs act as recruiting agents, or middle men, through whom you receive a supply of troops. The higher your relation with a specific NPC, the greater the number of soldiers they will make available to you,".


The combat in the other titles was great. I think that it was original, and even after you got used to it, it still didn't feel like button-mashing combat. The only thing is, it can feel a bit strange and hard to control in some cases. The combat isn't changing too much from the previous game, but from the gameplay revealed, it looks much smoother. This will probably make the combat even more enjoyable than it already is.


Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is going to be amazing. There's no denying it. With all these new features and improved gameplay, you can expect an insanely awesome game. Since it has been in development for five years already, TaleWorlds has probably got some pretty awesome features in here for us. In my opinion, Bannerlord will rival the other new game in its genre, For Honor., without a doubt.

What do you think of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord?

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