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Michael Jackson Collectibles, Merchandise and Items

Updated on August 10, 2016

Here is some great Michael Jackson memorabilia for collectors and fans. If you can't get enough MJ, one of these items is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Playmates Billie Jean PV Figure

This figure has Michael’s look from the video for Billie Jean: a black suit, pink shirt, red bow tie, and Jheri curls. A nice reminder of one of the best music videos ever and of some of Jackson’s signature moves like his spin and freezing on his toes. If you can look at this figure without strutting around MJ style, spinning, and throwing an imaginary hat, then you are stronger than I.

Worn Fedora

Unless you were fortunate enough to catch one of these at a concert it is unlikely you’re going to get one. A fedora worn by Michael is way out of the price range for the average fan but we can still dream. Having one that is signed would blow any fans mind. This is a much coveted item and would be a fitting center piece for any MJ collection.

Coming back to reality, a replica fedora is still a nice item. They're inexpensive and look quite convincing. I have a costume-type fedora and it does the trick every time.

Funko Smooth Criminal Figure

This is a cartoony version of Michael from the Smooth Criminal era. One look will bring back all the highlights of the video including the famous “Smooth Criminal Lean”.

There are also Funko figures commemorating Michael's look from Billie Jean, Beat It, and circa 1985.

1980's Vintage Key Chains

These key chains feature the album covers for Thriller and Off The Wall along with various other Thriller era pictures.

A favorite MJ look for many fans, these old style key chains are a great reminder of Michael’s most dominant years.

Perfect for hanging up with other collectibles, using for its intended purpose, or as a conversation piece. These inexpensive retro key chains are a great value and practical, too.

Even though we can't experience this musical era again, we'll always have the memories that The King of Pop gave us.

12", 1/6 Scale Billie Jean Doll

This doll will remind MJ fans of his live performances of Billie Jean, especially those from later in his career. The opening posing, throwing the fedora, the strutting, the moonwalk, the side glide, and the closing robotics, all play in my mind when I look at this doll. Can't help but bring a smile to the face of any MJ fan.

Thriller on Vinyl

The highest selling and greatest album of all time on vinyl! Any MJ fan would be proud to display this item. Whether you intend to play it or not doesn't really matter but if you do, there isn't a bad song on this classic masterpiece.

The best song on the album and possibly on any album, Billie Jean sounds as current as ever. Beat It is still one of the best pop/rock hybrids in history. Thriller brings up images of its video more strongly than any other song by anyone.

All 9 songs on this album deserve to be savored and appreciated. Even its lesser-known tracks (Baby Be Mine, The Lady in My Life) would have been standouts on most albums.

Thriller 24kt Gold LP Record Ltd Edition Display

MJ Sparkly Socks

Need a finishing touch for an MJ costume, or do you just want to feel silly? These sparkly Billie Jean socks are just what you need. Hike up your pants and break out your best MJ moves.

Thriller 24kt Gold LP Record Limited Edition

Commemorate your favorite album (i hope) of all time with this beautiful piece.

This Thriller gold record display is 16 inches wide and 20 inches high. Only 500 of these were manufactured, and each one is numbered. The record is raised from the surface for a classy effect.

A great reminder of a one of a kind album and a never to be repeated phenomenon.

All of these items are perfect for yourself or as gifts for an MJ fan. They’re great reminders of the King of Pop who gave us the best music and most awesome dance moves of all time.

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