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Axis & Allies War at Sea

Updated on April 2, 2013

WW2 Naval Wargaming

Axis and Allies War at Sea is a world war 2 naval strategy war game. War at Sea is played with collectable miniatures. This page lists all available units to date and will include some tips on "Must have Units" and units whose stats and special abilities might be complimentary too each other useful in combat.

In listing the units I am adding the US abbreviations for ship designations to help the reader identify units that may be useful in their collections.

CV Fleet Carrier

CVL Light Carrier

CVE Escort Carrier

BB Battleship

CB Battle Cruiser

CA Heavy Cruiser

CL Light Cruiser

DD Destroyer

SS Submarine

Please also see my page on Axis and Allies Miniatures

Starter Sets

To date there have been two starter sets offered for War at Sea. The first offered 9 random miniatures from Set 1, Rules, Dice, Maps, Islands, damage markers and a quick start guide.

New players to the game will probably find the revised starter set more readily available. This is not a bad thing as the revised starter set contains 8 exclusive units including:

  • American TBF Avenger
  • USS Taylor DD
  • USS Montpilier CL
  • HMAS Nizam DD
  • "Betty" Torpedo Bomber
  • submarine I-29,
  • Terutsuki DD
  • Haguro CA

The revised version includes upgraded rules.

The game can be played without the starter set as the official rules can be downloaded from the Wizards of the coast Website and maps can be bought from third party providers.

Set 1 War at Sea Base Set

War at Sea was launched with a variety of vessels from the early part of the war. Gamers are well equipped to re-play the hunt for the Bismarck using the Hood, Rodney and flying their "stringbags" (Swordfish Mk II) off the Ark Royal. The key players of the Battle of the River Plate are there too with HMS Ajax and HMS Exeter up against the Graf Spee. I have played this scenario using HMAS Sydney in place of the Achilles. You can appreciate the advantages the German pocket battleship had over the light cruisers that chased it down. Another great unit from this set is the Scharnhorst which gives players the hitting power of a Battleship for the cost of a Heavy Cruiser.

Probably the most useful units the Germans get are the U-Boats and their historic best friend the Focke Wulf Kondor. The U-Boats wolfpack bonuses and the Kondors special abilities work nicely together and allow for some great Battle of The Atlantic scenarios. Buyers should be patient when looking for Kondors as they can be quite expensive. I have seen them sell for USD 50 in their heyday. The one detractor for this game is that merchant ships are scarce. You may need to use multiple American Jeremiah O'Briens and Japanese Kinai Marus in your convoy Scenarios.

Pacific War gamers are also well looked after with some of the key players of the early Pacific Battles making an appearance. The key aircraft such as A6M2 Zero's, Wildcats, Vals and Dauntless's are in the first set along with enough capital ships to start recreating Pearl Harbour, Guadalcanal and Midway.


HMAS Canberra CA

HMAS Sydney CL


Gloire CL

Le Terrible DD

Richelieu BB

United Kingdom


HMS Ark Royal CV

HMS Exeter CA


HMS Javelin DD

HMS Rodney BB

HMS Truculent SS

Sea Hurricane

Swordfish Mark II

United States of America

F4F Wildcat

PBY Catalina

PT Boat

SBD Dauntless

SS Jeremiah O'Brien

TBD Devestator

USS Atlanta CL

USS Baltimore CA


USS Boise CL

USS Enterprise CV

USS Fletcher DD


USS Princeton CVL

USS Samuel B Roberts DD


USS Tennessee BB

USS Washington BB


Admiral Graf Spee CA

Bismarck BB

FW 200 Kondor

JU 87B Stuka

Koln CL


Scharnhorst CB

U510 SS


Ambra DD

Bolzano CL

Emanuele Filiberto Duca d'Aosta CA

Luca Tarigo DD

Motor Torpedo Boat

Vittorio Veneto


A6M2 Zeke

Akagi CV

B5N2 Kate

D3A Val

G4m Betty

I-19 SS

Jintsu CL

Kinai Maru

Kongo BB

Myoko CA

Shoho CVL

Shokaku CV

Tone CA

Type 13 Subchaser

Yamato BB

Yukikaze DD

Work In Progress

This page is a work in progress which will be completed (hopefully) in the next few days.


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