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Axis and Allies: Playing Japan

Updated on March 16, 2015

This Axis and Allies wisdom is based on hundreds of games, played as either the Axis or the Allies, over more than two decades. The notes here refer to the Classic game, 2nd Edition.

As with Germany, your primary objective should be to pressure Russia and hasten its demise. Without the fall of Russia, the Axis will be hard-pressed to win.

Your first turn looks forward to your second turn, when you should buy and place an Industrial Complex, usually in Kwangtung. With this in mind, use your 2 transports and 2 battleships to secure the Soviet Far East as an offensive outpost in northern Asia. If Russia captured Manchuria, take it back. You will want the buffer territory to protect your Industry Complex. Beware of attacking China at this time; the USA infantry and fighter make a tough defense early on. Instead, you should keep your troops for early defense of your industry.

If the UK has placed an Industry Complex in India, you could be in for a stalemate situation. In this case, buy a third transport (which you should do first turn anyway). With three transports and the Industry Complex, you can deploy 9 troops per turn into Asia: 3 tanks from your factory and 6 infantry via transports. With this volume of troops, you can hold the UK at bay and press toward Russia at the same time. Take China and Sinkiang to prevent the USA from building an Industry Complex in Asia. Also, don't forget to replace your fighter losses along the way. Keeping 3 to 5 operational is wise for both defense and offense.

You must also make a decision about the USA navy in the Pacific. Do not spend your income for additional naval assets early on. On your first turn, send your submarine from the Solomons, your bomber from Japan, and a fighter from the Carolinas and attack the USA forces around Hawaii. You should be able to defeat 2 or all 3 of them. Then retreat your remaining navy to Japan and protect your transports. If the USA wants to spend time and resources island-hopping, let them. They can only gain 8 IPC's per turn.You can easily gain that amount and more by conquering Asian territory. At the same time, don't miss an opportunity to harass Allied shipping.

On subsequent turns, push as much material into Asia as possible, moving toward Russia and countering any UK action in India or coming from Africa. If you can drive the UK from Asia, don't hesitate to break into Africa with a few troops and grab land and income there.

Watch for a chance to surprise attack into Alaska. You can reach it in one turn from Japan. While this tactic will cost you one turn, it could easily cost the USA 3 or more turns dealing with the threat. That equals a serious gain in time.

Only when Russia's capture is assured should you even consider island action in the Pacific. Watch for an opportunity for air attacks against USA ships, especially transports. Make their job difficult when it does not make your job difficult. If the USA plays for an early invasion of Japan, use massed subs and fighters against their ships. Your costs will be lower, and the sub casualties won't even get to shoot at you.

These ideas are not the only approach to playing Japan, but they have worked well for me for years. Comments welcome and encouraged.


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    • Porshadoxus profile image

      Porshadoxus 8 months ago from the straight and narrow way

      Thanx for stopping by, Red.

      As far as sending IPCs down the drain, the factory is far less vulnerable to destruction than the transports, making the factory a worthwhile investment. A few bombers can wreck those transports; not so with the factory in the more defensible location.

      Reread paragraphs 3 and 4 for further argument.

    • profile image

      Red 8 months ago

      Building a industrial comlex in Kuantung is a bad idea. That's 15 ipcs down the drain when you could instead get 2 transports for 16 ipcs, just move people from the main land to the continent, and then use the transports to do something else

    • Porshadoxus profile image

      Porshadoxus 3 years ago from the straight and narrow way

      Hi JAcob,

      Thanx for stopping by.

      As long as your strategy works well for you, awesome.

      However, this article deals strictly with the classic version of Axis and Allies. I believe your comment addresses the Axis and Allies 1941 version. The classic version has no artillery and fewer starting naval assets for Japan.

    • profile image

      JAcob 3 years ago

      I personally buy a fleet for the first round, as well as an industrial complex for Kuantung, or french Indochina I tend to build up in china and french indo china, and hold off the soviet infantry to the north, while attacking India with tanks and air force. I use my available transports to bring over infantry and artillery from japan, and my navy to defeat the scattered Americans. by the end of the second turn, i have a firm grip in Asia, and an empty pacific, with minimal enemy navy in the immediate vicinity.

    • profile image

      ST3 6 years ago

      I only buy tanks with my industrial complexes in asia. (Well...maybe 80-20 tanks to infantry) That is the fastest way to get to the capital and Germany needs all the help it can get. The transport idea looks good on paper, but not practical.

    • Porshadoxus profile image

      Porshadoxus 7 years ago from the straight and narrow way

      Thanx for reading and voicing your thoughts.

      The same transport cannot land troops in two different places in the same turn. How can a (one) transport attack both Soviet Far East and French IndoChina-Burma in the same turn?

      I'm not sure what you mean by 'immune' to bombers. I can always station my bombers a bit closer and be within range.

      My reasoning for the industrial complex is two-fold. Money issues early on prevent buying enough troops to properly fill the transports early on, especially when you will be wanting some armor on the mainland. Also, as discussed, transports are easy to sink. Bye bye investment.

    • profile image

      taan4 7 years ago

      I don't think you should build an industrial complex in Kuantung. Use the money to buy transports. For once, industrial complexes can only produce 3 inf, and 2 transport can produce 4. Transports are more flexible for their ability to attck Soveit Far East and Land troops in Frenceindochina in one turn. Secondly, they are immune to bombing from american bombers in Russia.