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How to Win at Ayakashi: Ghost Guild: Quick Tips

Updated on August 2, 2013
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Anurag loves playing video games. His guides and listicles revolve around popular iOS, Android, PC and console games.

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild offers a refreshing take on battle card games. With a fun ghost-hunting theme, the game takes inspiration from the works of mythical ghost busters of Japan. It puts you into the shoes of a “ghost agent” who is tasked to hunt down gorgeous daemons and then capture them to join his team.

Adding a twist to the Pokémon card battle genre, the game lets you “negotiate” with defeated ghosts and then add them to your battle card collection. Follow these useful tips, if you want to know how to collect rare cards, silver and other goodies. The guide also provides helpful battle hints and a fusion guide to make the most of your cards in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.

Card Management: Daemon Collection
Card Management: Daemon Collection

The game is essentially a card battle title that pits you against other rival ghost hunters and ghosts in an automated battle mode. Along with card battle scenarios, the game has a special Story Mode. Divided into chapters, the story mode lets you investigate a haunted location and cleanse an area populated by evil daemons.

While investigating, you get a chance to collect bonus items like silver coins, jewel fragments, souls and rare/common daemon cards. Once you hunt down a nuisance-causing daemon in a haunted area, you end up getting into a heated (read: steamy) conversation with her. The argument leads to a card battle scenario where your cards pile up against her. If you win, you get a chance to capture the daemon.

There is also a special battle mode where you battle other ghost agents online and win a card or two. This is possible if you use strategy and fuse cards to get a powerful daemon card.

Scroll Bonuses

You can earn scroll bonuses if you collect an X number of cards of the same type.

For example: A scroll bonus can be earned if you collect all 10 cards belonging to Divina class.

To access the scroll bonus section, tap on “You have a Scroll Bonus…” in the Home screen. Scroll bonuses also let you earn rewards if you find a rare card.

Card Management Tips

Managing cards is crucial as it helps you to know more about each card, keep the good ones and weed out duplicate cards. Here are some tips to manage your daemon cards effectively:

  • To get access to your battle card collection, hit the home button and tap on the Daemon List link. Cards belong to either of all 3 classes.
  • You will be able to see a list of cards you have collected while investigating or by battling a mini-boss. To know more about each card, tap on the Details button located under each card summary.
  • Hitting the Details button will give you access to full-blown card artwork as well as stats. You will also get a chance to assign different roles to the card. You can change its status to Leader (starter card) or assign the card to defense/attack team. The card can also be locked from mixing with other cards.
  • To view your offensive team (i.e. cards with high attack power) tap on the Attack Team tab. To view defensive cards, tap on the Defense team. Based on its attack/defense stats, you will need to assign each card to a team.
  • You can also filter cards by high level, low level, rarest card, common card, ATK card or newest first.
  • To sell an unwanted/duplicate card, hit the Details button, scroll down and click on the Sell button. You will receive silver coins. It is better to sell a duplicate card for silver than keep it.
  • To upgrade a card, tap on the Enhance this Demon button under each card preview. You can then mix this card with other cards and create a powerful card. Remember the card you’ve chosen to enhance can mix only with a card belonging to the same type/class.

For example: a Phantom class card can be enhanced only when it fuses with another phantom class card. You also get additional XP points for fusing two cards. However, you can fuse a Leader card with any card, irrespective of class.

Class Selection
Class Selection

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Story Mode Tips

  • There are some role-playing gameplay elements infused into Ayakashi. At the start of play, you will need to select a class from three distinct classes: Anima, Divina and Phantom. Upon selection of a class, you will receive a starter card that acts as your “Leader” of the pack.
  • Choosing a class won’t affect your battles as you will get a chance to collect cards belonging to all 3 classes. The leader card is important as it can be enhanced once fused with a mixer card, which you earned while investigating or battling opponents.
  • To investigate a haunted location, hit the Home button at the bottom of the screen and tap on Story. You will see a list of areas that you need to investigate.
  • Choose an area and tap on the “Investigate” button to clean the area of ghosts. You will need to hit the button repeatedly to complete a chapter. A progress bar will show the current progress of a chapter. Once the bar is filled, you complete investigating the area and earn 1 ability point.
  • Investigating a location will earn you plenty of goodies. There are more chances of getting a common card or a seal stone. There are four slots and almost all levels I have played fill three slots with cards or seal stones.
  • Cleansing an area also earns you XP points. Once the XP bar fills up, you level-up and earn ability points, unlock slots for additional crewmates and restore health completely.
  • You can replay a previously-investigated level to earn additional cards, seal stones, silver coins and other items. However, the chances of earning any of these items are quite less.
  • While cleansing an area, you may stumble upon another rival agent (online player). Make sure you add him to your list of crew members. A crewmate can assist you in a card battle mode by lending his/her card. You will need to send him a request first and then wait for his acceptance.
  • Investigating areas drain away your health. While health refills fully after 10-12 minutes, you can expedite the refilling process by using candy that is earned throughout the game. You can also purchase special items such as remedy or divine nectar.
  • The ability points earned during investigation can be allocated to Health, Attack Spirit and Defense spirit of your card team. To allocate, tap on the Home button, scroll down and select the “You Have Ability Points…” section. You can either allocate points manually or click on the Automatic button to save time.

Demon Negotiation
Demon Negotiation
  • Ghost rarity is based on star ratings.
  • Common cards boast one star rating.
  • A rarest card’s rating is five stars. While getting common cards is easy, rarer ones are difficult to earn. The rating stars are located at the top-right corner of the card.

How to Get Rare Daemons

  • In Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, earning rare daemons requires time and patience. While you can spend gold, which is a premium currency, to buy the rarest of the cards, there are different ways to get them for free.
  • After completing investigation, you will need to battle a ghost. The ghost or daemon can be common or rare. Once captured, you may have to “negotiate” with the captured ghost. Make sure you spend cabal chains to ensure negotiating does not fail (it usually fails if the card belongs to a rare category). Check the card rating first (stars are displayed at the top-right corner of the card) and if it is of rare breed, use cabal chain.
  • Don’t miss special card events. You get a higher chance of earning a rare card if you participate in these events. You can keep a tab on these special events via the home screen.
  • Another way to earn a rare card is to collect 6 seal stones. Seal stones lock a special card within their realm and you will need to collect all six stones of different colors to unlock it. You can collect seal stones while investigating an area.
  • As part of Daily gifts, players earn silver apples every day. You get 2 silver apples daily and extra apples over the weekend. The apples can then be traded with rare daemon cards via Dora’s Swap Shop (Barter menu). Tap on the Silver Apples tab to exchange apples with cards. You can also trade apples for Cabal chains via the barter menu.

Battling Ghost
Battling Ghost

Bonus Tips and Tricks

  • To battle opponents, tap on Home > Battle. Make sure you select the similar level tab to ensure a head-to-head battle. Chances of winning are 50/50. Make sure you allocate ability points to boost total attack and defense attributes of your team.
  • Fusing rare ghosts costs silver. Make sure you’ve enough currency before fusing cards. To get more silver, investigate scenes in story mode. You also earn silver by battling rival opponents in battle mode.
  • Tap on the Fuse menu to combine the Leader card with a mixer card. The results can vary, so choose higher rating cards for maximum enhancement.
  • Transmigration of ghosts is nothing but card upgrade techniques. You can upgrade your daemon card rarity ratings through transmigration. To check, go to the Fuse menu and look for cards with “Transmigrates” text written on them.
  • Check your in-game inbox regularly to accept crew requests and claim bonus gifts/rewards. Poke back crewmates to get additional 10 summon points. These points can them be used to summon additional daemon cards.
  • To get a free card every day, tap on the Summon button at the bottom of the screen. Hit the Free Summon button to earn a common or rare card. Summoning a card costs summon points.

All screenshots, courtesy of Zynga. Screenshots provided by the author.

© 2012 Anurag Ghosh


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    4 years ago


    Lol no.

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    4 years ago

    Please use my Id: Zeus when u start the game. Thanks.

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    5 years ago

    i have 2 hellhound cards, it's a somewhat rare card, not so rare that i happened to get a second.. my question is; should i fuse the second one into the first one and get a small boost in exp? or keep 2 of them since its my second strongest card.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    thanks for the post. I'm sure people really new to the game will benefit from this. I was looking for something a bit more indept. im level 22 with 2 maxxed out phantoms. but theres really nothing out there. this is the closet thing i've found.



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