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BEST Ashe Build! League of Legends Ashe Build Guide 2015 [SEASON 5]

Updated on August 29, 2015

Basic Ashe Build Guide

Welcome to this complete Ashe Build guide for the ADC Role in League of Legends. Here you will learn all you need to know to win with the Frost Archer Ashe, along with laning tips and strategy tactics.

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Is Ashe Viable?

With the way things are currently going with League of Legends, Ashe is seeming to fall further and further due to her lack of mobility and the mobility creep.

NOTE: Mobility Creep is the term used for the inevitable increase of mobile champions and promotion of mobility-related items. Because of this, Season 1 champions that lack natural mobility (such as Ashe) are being left behind.

NOTE: Mobility Creep is the term used for the inevitable increase of mobile champions and promotion of mobility-related items. Because of this, Season 1 champions that lack natural mobility (such as Ashe) are being left behind.

Despite these weaknesses, Ashe can be an absolute monster to deal with if in the right hands and if she's with the right teammates. There's a reason why Ashe has never really disappeared from the LoL scene unlike other Season 1 champions like Sion.

The reason is because of her amazing amount of utility. She is the ADC with the most utility, so if your team is lacking some you can use her to increase your laning and team-fighting influence.

Pros and Cons of Ashe


  • Relatively long range
  • Amazing amount of CC (possible perma-slow, AoE slow, global stun)
  • Amazing amount of utility (one of the best initiators, Hawk Eye allows leniency with warding)
  • Great Kiting Abilities


  • One of the slowest champions due to low base movement speed (note: easily fixed by an ADC movement item like Phantom Dancer)
  • No mobility skills whatsoever
  • Relies heavily on other teammates peeling for her
  • Low base damages make her more item-reliant than other ADC

When should you use Ashe?

You should only use Ashe if you have a competent team. That means using Ashe is Solo Queue is very risky as you don't know how good your other teammates are.

Your team should also be able to peel for you. If there's no one on your team that can effectively peel enemies off of you then Ashe is a bad choice.

Best Supports for Ashe

I find that Alistar, Lulu, Leona, and Taric are typically the best supports for Ashe.

Why is this a good support?
Alistar is the best match because he has two potential peeling abilities, a heal, and he's tanky so soaking up the damage for Ashe and intercepting skill shots won't be a problem.
Lulu is another great match because her ultimate is one of the best peel/pseudo-heal skill in the game, and her speed buff makes up for Ashe's lack of mobility. She can also add to the team's slow arsenal and has a hard CC ability.
Leona is a good support for Ashe because she has peel abilities like Alistar. Although she can't heal, she has 3 potential stun abilities and can initiate fights very well. She is a great support for an Ashe that has a hard time landing her ultimate.
Taric has a solid stun CC ability, a heal, and a damage boost so he's a great laning partner. Taric is a great support if the Ashe on the team is a bit more advanced in skill. This is due to Taric's lack of multi-CC abilities. With the right Ashe, however, the damage boost and stun-chains can be devastating for the enemy team.

Best Summoner Spells for Ashe

There are several spells you could use as Ashe. You should choose your spells depending on both who your laning partner is and who you're fighting against both in lane and during team fights.

Remember you are squishy as fudge, so play accordingly to survive and outsmart your opponent.

Why is this a good spell?
Teleports your champion to a position under your cursor instantly.
Ashe lacks gap-closers, so Flash allows her to get from point A to point B quicker. This is especially helpful if enemies have gap closers.
Shields your champion for a specific amount, depending on your champion's level.
With the aggressive lanes and Annie-supports, Ashe needs the extra cushion in order to survive the laning phase.
Restores your champion's health for a specific amount, depending on your champion's level.
The reasoning is the same for barrier, except you can also heal your laning partner. I find this works best when your laning partner has heal so you can engage and trick the enemies into thinking you're low hp.
Increases your champion's movement speed by a high amount for 20 seconds.
This is a great spell if you have a bunch of gap-closers on the enemy team or CC/death immune champions.

Masteries for Ashe

21/0/9 is the best for Ashe and most ADCs. This mastery set up allows her to do a lot of damage, and the utility from the utility helps her stay in lane and survive team fights. Typically, you want to stay away from the Defense tree because Ashe is squishy, and her focus is not take any damage.

If you're just a beginner, then feel free to replace the Utility tree with defense (go for armor and magic resists), but most of the time you want to stick with the 21/0/9 setup.

Ashe's Rune Page

For your Rune Page, you want to get the following:

  • 3x Quintessence of Attack Damage
  • 9x Mark of Armor Penetration
  • 9x Seal of Armor
  • 9x Glyph of Magic Resist

You can choose to replace Attack Damage with Armor Penetration if you can get 95% of last minion hits. If you're having a hard time, keep the Attack Damage. If you're having an ever harder time, replace the 9x Mark of Armor Penetration with Marks of Attack Damage.

Ashe's Skill Leveling Order

Frost Shot
Enchanted Crystal Arrow

As Ashe you want to prioritize your skill as R -> Q -> W -> E.

You level up your ultimate first for obvious reasons. Next, prioritize your volley, then your frost shot, then your hawkshot.

Why not level up Hawkshot first?

There's a bit of controversy over people preferring to level up Hawkshot first, and those wanting to level up Volley first.

In my opinion, the passive gold gained from Hawkshot is simply not worth it. To get it's full effect you're going to have to farm all game, and even if you do start with a maxed out Hawkshot, with 200 minion farms you'll be getting only an extra 1000 gold.

With a maxed Volley you could be doing some harassing, damage dealing, AoE permaslowing, and you could even farm better with a maxed Volley.

So max Volley. There's no reason why Hawkshot should be leveled up first.

Ashe build for ADC Role

Typically, when you choose Ashe or any other ADC you want to get items that can help you with attack speed and damage, and you want at least one item that can keep you alive during matches.

NOTE: I understand that this build will not be applicable to all matches. Change this build and replace parts depending on who your enemies are and what they are building. For example, if the enemy team is not building any armor, then you can add another damage weapon in Last Whisper's place.

Why should you get this?
Warding Totem
This is the best starting warding item for all ADCs. It gives you a free ward that you can use. The other warding items have very little use for Ashe.
Infinity Edge
This is Ashe's best damage weapon. Her passive guarantees her a critical hit on the first strike, and combined with her high attack speed she can do a great amount of damage with this weapon.
Boots of Swiftness
Because of Ashe's low base movement speed and lack of dashes, she's going to need the extra MS boost to help with running away and kiting. You can use Berserker's Greaves if you're a bit more advanced with Ashe.
Phantom Dancer
All the stats for this weapon help Ashe immensely, but it works very well when combined with Infinity Edge. Ashe will become a killing, fast-moving machine with this weapon.
Last Whisper
Competent opponents will start building armor to counter the ADC's damage, so you want to get Last Whisper to pierce through their armor.
Blood Thirster
This item will help you stay in battle due to the Lifesteal, and it's a great damage boost item to complement Infinity Edge.
Guardian Angel
Ashe is squishy, so this item will help her stay alive during battles. This is typically the best defense item for ADCs since they are squishy and other defense items will only help them survive half a second longer.

Ashe's Item Purchasing Order

Start off the game with a Warding Totem, Doran's Blade, and an HP potion.

On your first back buy a Vampiric Scepter or a Long Sword. If you're having a hard time in lane, then get another Doran's Blade.

Tier 1 Boots should be your next purchase if your game is going O.K., BUT if you're ahead get a B.F. Sword and buy the boots as a next purchase.

You should get items to finish your Infinity Edge.

Next, finish your boots if you haven't already, then get Blood Thirster. Get Zeal next if you haven't seen any armor stacking on the opposing team. If you do see armor stacking, then build a Last Whisper.

At this point team fights should already started. You can consider getting a Phantom Dancer if you're ahead, or a Guardian Angel if you find that you're getting instantly targeted by the enemies.

Tips for Laning as Ashe

At the very beginning of the match (before level 3), Ashe has an early game advantage. If you have a particularly aggressive laning partner like Blitzcrank, you can use your early game first-hit critical damage and a volley to deal a great amount of damage to the enemy.

But typically after the level 3 mark, you want to focus on the following:

  • Racking up minion kills. Ashe is highly item dependent more than other ADCs, so farming should be your primary focus. You should be last hitting in order to prevent our lane from being pushed.
  • Not dying. Keep your lane warded with your warding totem, and use your hawk shot regularly if your lane does not have a ward in place.
  • Harassing with your long range. Use your volley occasionally when you have full mana, but don't push the lane.
  • Organizing ganks with your Jungler. Ashe is great at debilitating the enemy team due to her slows. She's even better once she gets her Ultimate.

Tips for Team Fighting as Ashe

This is where things can get a little tricky for Ashe.

Because Ashe lacks mobility, you should never be in the front lines of battle. If anything, you should be behind the tankiest person.

Once you get your ultimate, it is your job to initiate the team fights.

I repeat: Once you get your Ultimate at Level 6, it is your job to initiate the team fight.

Ashe has one of the best initiating ultimate's in the game. Don't let the other team decide when to start the team fight - land your ultimate and stun one of their teammates, and laugh as the dominoes fall in their direction.

Using your Range to your Advantage

Ashe has one of the longest attack ranges in the game, so use this range to your advantage to Volley enemies that get too close to the front lines, or auto-attack tanks that get too close for comfort.

When to Hawkshot?

When mid game and end game comes, teams will start trying to contest baron. It is vitally important that you make sure Hawkshot is available for scouting. The enemy team will often pink ward Baron and kill wards to prevent vision, so use Hawkshot to give your team vision so they can jump into the fight at correct times.

You can also use Hawkshot for team fights if you find that enemies are juking in and out of bushes.

Great Gameplay for Ashe

The above video is some great gameplay for Ashe. Watch how he gets multiple kills during team fights, and his farming and harassing abilities during laning phase.

In Closing

I hope you guys enjoyed this Ashe guide and found it helpful. If you have any questions, post below!


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    • msdielise profile image


      4 years ago

      If you are aiming for a hard CC team, Ashe is a good champ to play however if you have Vayne in the enemy team most likely you'll get crushed early game pre level 6 because Vayne has the highest basic attack damage. However if Ashe have a support with sustain and cc (like Sona and Janna), depending on how skilled they are they might win the lane against Vayne + Leona/Blitz/Nami in bot lane.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      very good


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