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BEYBLADE Review & Tutorial

Updated on December 6, 2015
Assorted Beyblades
Assorted Beyblades | Source

Beyblades have become so popular that most toy stores can’t keep them on their shelves. Beyblades are spinning tops with character names that boys, and sometimes girls, collect, trade and spin. The winning Beyblade is the one that spins the longest. Kids are spinning Beyblades on the school yard, play dates and at home. My 8 year old son has become so enthralled with Beyblades that he requested that we write an article on the topic, so here it is. The following information was provided by my son.

To play the game you need:

  • 2 or more players
  • 2 or more Beyblades

  • Ripper - is threaded into the launcher and quickly pulled.

  • Launcher - after inserting the ripper into the launcher the Beyblade is attached.

  • Beystadium or smooth surface, blades can rip on most surfaces but not carpet or anything bumpy.

How the game is played:

Each player clicks their Beyblade into a launcher and aims Beyblade into an arena or other safe surface. For safety it is best to keep the spinning action on the floor to keep the spinning far away from the eyes since blades can pop up while spinning.

Players simultaneously announce “3,2,1….let it RIP”

The blade that spins the longest wins the battle, while spinning, the blades hit each other, making sounds and slowing the opponents beyblade down.

Beyblades Categories

  • Tornado Tops are taller beyblades which have a unique appearance.
  • Normal Beyblades such as Rock Aries Beyblade, can be taken apart to interchange with other normal Beyblades to make custom Beyblades.
  • Electro Beyblades light up, they’re larger and heavier which causes them to spin for a shorter amount of time yet they still are able to win battles.
  • Key Chain Beyblades are full functioning Beyblades that are smaller in size.
  • Remote Control Beyblades use a ripcord and press buttons to control the Beyblade. The Extreme Top System IR Spin Control IR Spin Control Meteo L-Drago is a set that includes a remote control ripper.

Beyblade Types

  • Balance
  • Stamina
  • Defense
  • Attack

Beyblades shown in the video indicating type

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Dark Virgo - aggressive movement typeMeteo Pegasus - stamina typeLightning Chaos Capricorn - defense typeDark Storm Pegasus - attack type
Dark Virgo - aggressive movement type
Dark Virgo - aggressive movement type | Source
Meteo Pegasus - stamina type
Meteo Pegasus - stamina type | Source
Lightning Chaos Capricorn - defense type
Lightning Chaos Capricorn - defense type | Source
Dark Storm Pegasus - attack type
Dark Storm Pegasus - attack type | Source


Beylocker is a handy carrying case that can hold up to 9 Beyblades along with 2 rippers and 2 pointers. The Beylocker includes stickers of Galaxy Pegasus, Medio El Drago, Race Striker and Gravity Destroyer.


The BeyStadium is specially designed for optimum spinning and competing, they are available in different colors.

Pegasus Battle Set Metal Masters - REVIEW

Pegasus is an attack type Beyblade that is designed to move around a lot. This set includes all legends of Pegasus including Pegasus; storm Pegasus, galaxy Pegasus and cyber Pegasus. This set comes with 2 rippers one is a string riper and one riper that goes into the pointer to rip.

Storm Pegasus has grey metal. On the TV show galaxy Pegasus is no longer storm Pegasus, the main character is Gingka.

Beyblade Metal Fusion Aries - REVIEW

Rock Aries is a defense Beyblade; which means it does not move around as much as others. It has three spinning spikes connected to it's spin track. The top of this Beyblade is purple, the metal is grey and black on the spin track and black on the spikes the tip is black.

Although this Beyblade may not seem like much in the box it is a great fighting top.

Watch the Unboxing of Galaxy Pegasus

Beyblade Games & TV Show

  • Play Online - Beyblades come with a code that enables you to battle with other Beyblades at After logging in you accessorize your cyber Beyblade and then place your Beyblade in a box to compete with others.

  • Nintendo Games – similar to the online game above.
  • Cartoon Network Show – An animated action cartoon where beyblade teams travel from place to place and battle one another.

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  • profile image

    darknight saggitario 

    5 years ago

    I am 9 years old and love beyblade I only have 13

  • Tracy Lynn Conway profile imageAUTHOR

    Tracy Lynn Conway 

    7 years ago from Virginia, USA

    Literatelibran - Thank you! I will have to take a look at your article.

  • literatelibran profile image


    7 years ago from Williamsburg, Virginia

    I hadn't seen your Bey article before, but now I'm sorry I missed it before I wrote mine. Yours is so thorough!

  • Tracy Lynn Conway profile imageAUTHOR

    Tracy Lynn Conway 

    8 years ago from Virginia, USA

    Prasetio, My son travels almost everywhere with his Beyblades, you never know when you might need to battle. It is nice that you allow your students to play with them after your lesson, it is a nice reward. You must be a great teacher. Thank you

    Best, Tracy

  • prasetio30 profile image


    8 years ago from malang-indonesia

    Nice information, Tracy. I love your review and your tutorial about beyblade. I also like the pictures and the video as well. Actually my student has this toys and I ask them to keep it in their bag during the lesson. They play this toys after the lesson finished. Thanks for writing and share with us. Rated up!



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