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The Best BPA Free Baby Toys

Updated on February 8, 2011

BPA Free Baby Toys - Safe Choices for Babies!

On this page, find a great selection of BPA free baby toys, like stacking cups, tub toys, rattles, feeding bowls, rubber ducks, and more! Choose these safe toys for their well being (they're worth it)! These toys have all also earned themselves great reviews from customers.

Buying BPA free baby toys is an important decision for your little one. This commonplace chemical compound can be found in everything from plastic cups to the thousands of baby toys on the market today. What's the danger in using toys with BPA? BPA has been linked to cancer, and has been known to be a major endocrine disruptor. It is also discouraged from being used in European countries, and is forbidden from being used in baby toys.

Add all of these factors together, and you can clearly see that BPA is something you'll want to avoid with your baby. 

Bob- the BPA free rubber ducky. Find out where to get this toy below!
Bob- the BPA free rubber ducky. Find out where to get this toy below!

What is Bisphenol A?

Bisphenol A, the chemical compound, also known as BPA, is found in many plastics and resins. BPA, as it more commonly known, has been found to be an endocrine disruptor. Exposure during early life seems the most crucial time to avoid BPA, as it is when it can affect humans the most. Fetuses and infants are especially at risk.

What exactly will BPA do?

While no law has been passed in the United States to limit the use of BPA, it is becoming more common for toy manufacturers to avoid the use of this chemical, especially in baby toys. It has even been reviewed that BPA may lead to obesity

Green Sprouts Stacking Cups

These stacking cups are made by Green Sprouts. They are a popular green toy company, specializing in high quality products that don't contain any of the BPA found in traditional toys. Fun isn't sacrificed though! These toys are just as educational, with fun colors, features and more.

BPA Free Feeding Bowls

Did you ever think about the plastics you use to feed your child? Your average feeding bowls are made of plastic so that they don't break. What they don't take into consideration most of the time is what type of plastic and what chemical compounds are in there (and how they affect people). Cheap isn't necessarily the way to go with your little one! Get them the best available, and still have it shatterproof with one of these sets of BPA free feeding bowls. I personally use these and have loved them! I might recommend getting two sets. Once they get older, they'll use them quicker for snacks and other foods. 

Green Sprouts BPA Free Rattle

This is one cool rattle! Not only does it lack that chemical we're all trying to avoid, but it has a lot of unique features! It twists, it turns, it bends, it fascinates the baby! This teether rattle is safe for them to chew on (and they will), and also provides a great source of entertainment. It can also help develop hand coordination as they learn how to twist and move the pieces around (most likely into their mouths!).

BPA Free Teether Keys

Babies love keys. They love our keys, they love plastic keys, they love the sounds, and they love to chew on them. The chewing part is where it gets complicated! Those old toy keys are great, except for the fact that they're made with -- yes, you guessed it! -- BPA. These ones are affordable and still are just as fun. These keys feature a multitude of colors, and shake, rattle, and roll just like the old keys. A great alternative!

Green Sprouts Rainbow Rattle

This is another great choice from Green Sprouts. As you can see, that company specializes in BPA free toys for babies. This rattle is a little bit different than your average rattle. It fits into their hands much easier, making a great first rattle. It's accompanied by several different colored rings on the handle, so it will keep their attention even longer. Be sure to take a picture once they learn to hold this. It's a milestone in their development!

BPA Free Rubber Duck Toy

Those classic ducks have received a facelift! This chubby little duck is named Bob. He also has some companions which make great friends to bring into the tub as well. All that, and free of harmful chemicals! They'll be intrigued by this bobbing little orange striped duck. The odd shapes this line of rubber ducks has are worth looking at - they're definitely an attention grabber!

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Veggies in a Crate

Sure, these aren't made with plastic in any way, but it's worth mentioning that there are great organic cotton toys out there as well. Under the Nile is one of the brands that I've found makes high quality, durable toys that are easily washed and hold your baby's attention. Personally, my baby LOVES the carrot and green bean. Carrot is used as a teether on a nightly basis, while green bean is an accompaniment during diaper changes to distract her. This makes a great baby shower gift, too! 

Read more about organic baby toys and choose from dozens more here.


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    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      This is so important. It just appalls me that companies can manufacturer any kind of toxic product and sell it to us for our babies - and not be held accountable. Aren't they also part of this village we live in?

      Thanks for the information - rated up!