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Baby Einstein DVD-Must Have Baby Einstein DVD, Great Gift Baskets

Updated on January 2, 2011

DVD's From Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein DVD are some of the greatest educational DVD's for children. These DVDs have had so many positive outcomes for kids, from teaching children how to read, write, add, subtract and much more. When Baby Einstein started its "video board books" in 1997, the company was virtually alone in the field of baby development. By its sixth video, the field has become crowded with similar-sounding titles. Now scientists might be able to analyze what a baby will get out of a video like Baby Dolittle compared to Baby Van Gogh, but is it worth getting more baby videos? So get a video that your baby and toddler will learn valuable things from.

Baby Einstein - Neighborhood Animals

Baby's first introduction to familiar furry and feathered friends!
-- Encourages babies' fascination with animals
-- Exposes little ones to different kinds of animals found close to home

This lets you discover animals of all types from furry to scaly and everything in between this is a video you could watch over and over again with your kids. Comes in Spanish, French and English for even more universal friendliness.

Baby Einstein: Lullaby Classics

This is a 17-track, 35-minute concert featuring a collection of soothing classical melodies for little ones when they wind down for nap time, bedtime or a bit of quiet time. Each piece, re-orchestrated for little ears by the Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra, was specially selected to lull babies into sweet, blissful dreams. Lullaby Classics opens with "Twinkle, Twinkle" variations by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Dvorak and Debussy.

If you want to buy individual songs thru mp3's then you can click the link to the right to buy each song separate.

Baby Einstein Take Along

  • Large easy press button toggles through 7 high quality classical melodies
  • Colorful lights dance across the screen to each song
  • Colorful Baby Einstein caterpillar handle is easy for little hands to hold and take anywhere
  • Off/Low/High volume switch
  • Promotes auditory development and music appreciation

This is a great toy for kids on the go. These Days every kid is on the go. Have a long trip ahead of you and have a cranky child then let them listen to the Baby Einstein Take Along, the buttons on the right allow your child to shuffle thru the songs that the take along has programmed into it.

Baby Valedictorian Deluxe Baby Einstein Library Baby Gift Basket

The Gift Collection Features 2 Baby Einstein DVD's Baby Einstein Classical Music CD 4 Baby Einstein Board Books 2 Wrist Rattle Books 1 Floating Bath Book 1 Glow In The Dark Musical Board Book 1 Tabbed Board Book Baby Einstein Musical Plush 1 Mini Board Book Book Storage. Tons to keep your baby occupied as well as other older kids.  I even catch my self watching it with my daughter when she is watching it.  Makes a perfect gift for anyone with kids or babies.


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