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Homemade Baby Shower Favors: Lollipop Candles

Updated on May 26, 2010

You agreed to host her baby shower and you are excited to make it one that people will not forget. You've covered your bases and made or bought the best treats, desserts, and party foods. You decorated so well it caused the mom-to-be to cry(she's a little emotional these days). You even found exciting games that we keep your guests in a great mood and waiting to see what you've got planned next.

So what do you have planned next. What is going to be your small keepsake baby shower favor to give to guests as they leave the fabulous baby shower you just successfully hosted? How about homemade baby shower favors?

Little cups of candy is overrated and unmemorable. You want something that will make people remember. "wow Sally really went all out on Jamie's baby shower. Even the Lollipop Scented Candles were a hit."

Yes, Lollipop Scented Candles! These are fun homemade baby shower favors and something that your guests can save as a cute keepsake, but they are also something that can be used and not just set on the counter for a few days before being tossed in the trash.

Lollipop Scented Candles

If you have time to plan ahead and can afford it, Party-Lite makes some excellent tea lights. Another really great source for scented tea lights is Yankee Candle Company. Unfortunetly, these are both not affordable options. This is not a competition. You want to awe your guests, but don't break the bank just for the party favor. Walmart, Target, even the dollar store will have tea lights. Try and find them in appropriate colors that match the baby shower theme. Mix and match for a cute look on a party tray or in a glass bowl.

Step 1: glue on sticks to back of tea light
Step 1: glue on sticks to back of tea light


All of these can be found in a craft store

  • Tea lights (enough for everyone at party plus a few extra)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Lollipop sticks (enough for everyone at party plus a few extra)
  • Ribbon that matchs baby shower theme
  • Mesh or small plastic bags to wrap around lollipop scented candle
  • Baby shower themed confetti


  1. Glue on lollipop sticks to back of candle. Set to cool and dry
  2. Cover candle with mesh or small plastic bags
  3. use ribbon to tie a bow around mesh just below the candle.
  4. Add baby shower confetti if possible in mesh or plastic bag.


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