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Baby Shower Game Ideas for a Couples Shower

Updated on November 20, 2012
Baby Shower Game Ideas
Baby Shower Game Ideas | Source

If you are throwing a couples shower, finding baby shower game ideas that the guys won’t think are too “girly” or embarrassing can be a problem. They likely won’t want to do anything that could involve making them look bad in front of the other men. Here are a few ideas that can help.

Candy Bar Diaper Game
This one has become a popular game for baby showers. It is fun, simple, and easy to setup. Melt a different candy bar in 10 disposable diapers. Or you can melt a mix of candy bars in each diaper. Number each diaper and write down on a piece of paper which candy bar or bars is in each diaper. Make sure your guests don’t see this piece of paper. Have the guests look, smell, and touch the contents of each diaper to guess the type of candy bar in each one. Give the person with the most correct a small gift basket with each type of candy bar used.

Bet on Baby’s Arrival Date
This is a pretty simple baby shower game idea that is easy to setup. Make or print out a calendar that has several weeks before and a few weeks after the baby’s due date on it. Mark the official due date of the baby on the calendar. As each guest comes in, either explain to them that they can sign up to bet on the baby’s arrival date by writing their name in the calendar or have a sheet of instructions and the calendar near the entryway. Connect a pen to the calendar so the pen doesn’t get lost and have a jar to collect the money in. After the baby is born, arrange for the winner to pick up the money or send it to them.

Toss the Diaper
Randomly divide the guest into teams. The easiest way to make it random is to put each guest name on a slip of paper and simply draw names out the hat. Give each team 10 disposable diapers that have been rolled up into a ball. The easiest way to do this is to open the diaper and roll it up just like you would a dirty diaper. Put a line on the ground and a trash can several feet away from the line. Have each team take turns trying to make a basket in the trash can with the diapers. Award a prize like candy basketballs for the team with the most baskets. This kind of game can also help get your guests interacting with each other since the teams are random.

Baby shower game ideas that appeal to both men and women can be a difficult part of planning a couples baby shower. Bouncing some ideas off of some couples that you know is a good way to see what will work and what won’t.


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