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Baby Shower and Bridal Ideas and Tips

Updated on July 22, 2011

Throwing parties for your friends or family members can be stressful, and some of the most difficult parties to plan are bridal and baby showers. Every bride or mother-to-be wants a party that will be fun and memorable. And manywomenwill only have one bridal or baby shower in their life, so it's even more important to plan a party they won't forget. And that means that the friend or family member responsible for throwing the party has a very important job. The following paragraphs give some bridal andbaby shower ideasand suggestions to help anyone throw an unforgettable bridal or baby shower.

The first and most important rule any party-thrower should keep in mind is that the most important person at the shower is the bride or mother-to-be. When brainstorming ideas and making plans, don't consider what you would like to do, but rather what the person for whom the party is for would most enjoy. Does the person have elegant tastes, or do they prefer more quirky and contemporary styles? Do they like games and interacting with a large group of people? Or are they quiet and prefer one-on-one conversation? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself before starting to plan the party. In fact, it's a great idea to take out a piece of paper and make list of the characteristics, traits, and preferences of the person you're throwing the party for. This simple activity can go a long way in helping you plan a shower that will delight the bride or mother.

Once you've learned this one rule, you're ready to start planning your bridal or baby shower. It's important to note thatbaby shower ideas and bridal shower ideas may differ slightly because they are different types of parties. But that doesn't mean you can't take some ideas and suggestions for one type of party and apply them to the other if you feel they would help make your party perfect for the person it's for, which is why the following suggestions for both bridal and baby showers are combined.

For both baby and bridal showers, it's important to create a good guest list. Nowadays, it's perfectly acceptable to ask the bride or mother who she wants to invite. It's also a good idea to talk to family members who can help you with ideas for the guest list. If you know that someone else is planning a shower for the person, you should find out what that shower is going to be like so that yours is different. For instance, someone else may throw the bride or mother a shower that mainly features family members. In that case, you may want to throw a different shower and invite mainly friends and those closer in age to the person.

A baby shower is one type of party that is great with a theme. The theme can be as simple as a color theme. You can choose pink or blue, depending on the gender of the baby, or you can choose a different color to be a little more unique and innovative. Other themes could be a barbeque party (called a Baby-que) or something more fun and whimsical.

Bridal showers can also be themed, and a popular theme for bridal showers is a tea party. Tea parties create sophisticated and elegant atmospheres, but themes that are more fun and laid-back can also help create great showers. And both showers can adapt themes that are based on a movie, a song, or a book. Of course, you don't always have to have a theme when planning a shower, but a theme can help guide your decisions on buying decorations and picking food items.

For baby and bridal showers, choosing games to play can be difficult. Many shower games have been played over and over again, and people may be tired of them, especially if your party guests have likely been to several baby or bridal showers in the past. One of those games is the "Never Say Baby" game, where everyone at the baby shower tries to not say the word "baby." Usually shower guests wear a baby pin on their clothes, and if a person says the word "baby," someone else can take away their pin and add it to their own. At the end of the party, the person with the most pins wins. Unfortunately, this game has been played so much that many people just find it annoying and don't like not being able to say the word "baby" during the shower.

Games that work great for baby and bridal showers are usually ones that are low-key and that are somehow focused on the mother, baby, or bride. For instance, a game about guessing the mother's belly size or guessing the baby's birth date is better than playing games that are more generic. And at a bridal shower, quiz games that test the bride's knowledge of her fiancé (or vice versa) or that are otherwise focused on the bride's life are great.

Choosing food is another important aspect of planning the shower. Most showers include a menu of a variety of finger foods, but you can choose to serve a meal if you wish. Brunch showers are particularly en vogue right now, so serving food items such as quiche, muffins, and scones is a great idea. If the bride or mother is a fan of a particular ethnic food, you can serve that and be a little more unique. And don't forget that any cake or dessert that you have at the shower can be decorated to reflect the theme and to cater to the bride's or mother's interests and personality.

Planning a shower can be tough, but by considering these bridal andbaby shower ideas, you will be on your way to planning the perfect party that everyone will enjoy.


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