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Marriage Choices in Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands

Updated on June 12, 2013

The Harvest Moon Nintendo DS series is a popular simulation game which involves creating the best farm possible while interacting with the neighboring villagers. Players can typically marry a villager, adding to their family. Below, you will find a list of all the men and women you can marry in the game Harvest Moon DS Sunshine Islands.

Getting Married

Before you can get married in this Harvest Moon for DS game, you must meet certain requirements. To get married, do the following:

  • Have a red heart level with the person you want to marry
  • View all of the special heart events with that person
  • Upgrade your house twice and buy the husband/wife bed
  • Raise the Mythic Islands
  • Make at least one offering to the Goddess
  • Receive the Sun Stones from the person you wish to marry, as an individual and/or household
  • Purchase the Blue Feather

Eligible Bachelorettes

Chelsea: Chelsea is another farmer in Sunshine Islands. She moves in to Carol's Inn on Sprout Island after you unlock all the main villagers and unlock 15 additional islands. Like other games, Chelsea will accept any gift - she doesn't especially love or dislike any item.

Julia: Julia lives on Verdure Island in her mother's shop, and she is there from the beginning of the game. Her most loved item is Superb Yogurt. She loves cheeses, superb butter, eggs, Firefly Flower, mayonnaise, milks, wools, yarn, and Dried Bean Curd. She likes almost all cooked dishes and flowers. Julia doesn't like fish or fished up items; in fact, her least favorite thing is a large fish.

Lanna: Lanna is found on Sprout Island from the start of the game. Her most favorite gift is Yam Pudding. She also loves fish, recipes with fish, pies, and chocolate. She likes ores, fruit juices, and fruits. She dislikes ore and trash, and hates animal food and natto. Her most hated gift is a fish bone!

Lily: Lily lives in the inn on Sprout Island after you unlock Volcano Island. Her favorite gift is pirate treasure. She loves natto, G tickets, and pink diamonds, and likes gold, diamonds, and pineapple pie. She dislikes most herbs and trash items, and hates failed dishes.

Natalie: Natalie is on Verdure Island from the beginning of the game. Her favorite gift is a Fruit Sandwich. She loves fruit, flowers, recipes with fruit, and many cooked dishes such as dumplings and bread. She dislikes ores, natto, animal food, and mushrooms. Her least favorite gift is a poisonous mushroom.

Sabrina: Sabrina lives on Sprout Island with her father, Regis, from the beginning of the game. She loves the pink diamond, and she likes most other gems, flowers, wool items, tofu, and natto recipes. She hates curry, alexandrite, diamonds, and junk ore. Her most hated item is rainbow curry.

Witch Princess: Witch Princess lives with Witchkins on Mystic Island. She is unlocked a day after you raise the Mystic Island with Sun Stones. She favorite gift is Rainbow Curry, and she loves other curry recipes and books. She also likes suns, most ores, and herbs. She hates failed dishes, animal foods, and peach juice, and her most hated item is a peach.

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Eligible Bachelors:

Denny: Denny lives on Sprout Island, but he is usually found along the shoreline. He is on the island from the beginning of the game. His favorite gift is Sashimi, and he loves fish and cooked foods with fish in them. He likes most vegetables, noodle recipes, and curry foods. He dislikes ores and most animal products. His least favorite gift is junk ore.

Elliot: Elliot is in the game from the beginning, and he lives with his grandfather, mother, and sister on Sprout Island. His favorite gift is Stir-Fried Veggies, and he loves any vegetables and most vegetable recipes. He doesn't like animal foods, herbs, books, and recipes using milk. His most hated item is jersey milk.

Mark: Mark stays at Carol's Inn on Sprout Island after you unlock him. To unlock him, you must have already unlocked all the main characters, 15 islands, and have built the bridge to Link Island. Mark is like Chelsea - he doesn't particularly love or hate any item. Any gift you give him, he will like.

Pierre: Pierre lives in his home on Verdure Island from the start of the game. His favorite gift is Finest Curry. He loves buckwheat, most superb animal products like Superb Yogurt, and almost all the cooking recipes. He also likes most fruits and vegetables.

Shea: Shea appears in the game after you raise the Mushroom Island. His most favorite gift is a large fish. He loves the other sizes of fish, herbs, mushrooms, books, and Fish and Chips. He likes most fruits, eggs, mayonnaise, and Yggdra Soup. He doesn't like any flowers, wool, or yarn, and he hates all ore. His least favorite gift is an empty can.

Will: Will lives on a yacht in town after you raise Volcano Island. His most loved gift is a Firefly Flower. He also loves other flowers. He likes fruits, herbs, and most animal products. Will does not really like ores, fished up items, and natto. His most hated item is a 1 Million G Ticket.

Vaughn: Vaughn can be found on the island from the beginning of the game, although he is only there on certain days and tends to wander. His most favorite gift is Porridge. He also loves mushroom clusters and Grilled Mushrooms, as well as most superb farm items, like Superb Cheese. He likes animal food, regular quality farm items, and fruit, mushrooms, and egg recipes. However, Vaughn dislikes most other cooked recipes. He also doesn't like ore, flowers, vegetables, trash items, and herbs. His least favorite item is a carrot!

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