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-> Backgammon Game Strategy Instructions Guide

Updated on March 24, 2010

Backgammon strategy

Backgammon strategy
Backgammon strategy

Most popular backgammon strategies

Everyone knows that backgammon is a quick logical game for two. A lot of people playing it every day but not many know elementary strategies which can help to win. Here you will find few most popular and simple to try instructions. Start using them in your games and day by day your experience will grow.

Before we start please remember how to use this strategies. Note that you have to use each strategy separately or with any other depending of the situation on the game board. If current situation changed, you have to change your strategy too. This could occur very often even during one game. Don't afraid to use another strategy if you see no benefits from current one. After playing a lot you will select strategy you really need in specific situation.

Let's start!

Quick game. Have a good dices? Why not to try move checkers to home as quickly as possible? Just calculate how movements left for your and opponents checkers and if situation is favorable try to use this strategy.

Back game. This strategy usually used if game not successful. Hold 1-2 or more checkers in opponent's home build strong line at your own home and wait for a chance to hit opponent's checkers. If successful, move quickly to your home and move pieces out.

Blocks in a row. Build a line and block at least 4 points in front of opponent's checkers. Block with 6 points usually called prime and hold opponents' pieces without ability to move. This line had to be without spaces. Strategy gives you ability and time to move your checkers easily to home.

Hitting. Have ability to hit opponent's checkers to bar? Use this! But note that you have to minimize your potential lost. Don't open too many checkers as opponent can hit you too. After you hit opponent try to use quick game strategy, moving to home as quickly as possible.

Why not to verify your new knowledge playing online backgammon game?

The strategy video

Answer simple question

What backgammon strategy is your favourite?

See results

After reading and viewing don't forget to download backgammon game and start playing with other players in separate games or in backgammon tournament!


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    • profile image

      Tabitha Oscorp 7 years ago

      These sound like some good strategies, but as with chess you have to see how the games goes. You can't plan out a game because you do not know what your opponent will do.