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Backup Your Xbox 360 Games - Discover How Easy It Really Is!

Updated on February 3, 2010

As a gamer no matter which console is your unit of choice, video games can be extremely expensive and it's not as though they are getting any cheaper. Whenever you buy a new game, the last thing on your mind is whether the disc will become damaged via scratches or an accident. As for losing or having your disc stolen, well that's unthinkable. However, we all know it happens. So how often have you tried to backup your Xbox 360 games?

Well, i must admit it is a very prudent practice to backup Xbox 360 games as i'm sure this would save you a helluva lot of money in the long run. The only problem with this is, all the discs are specially encrypted to stop them being "backed-up" in the conventional manner.

So if the manufacturer has put steps in place to stop discs being copied, is it actually legal to backup Xbox 360 games?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to backup Xbox 360 games. As long as you own the disc, you are perfectly entitled to copy or backup the game in order to protect your investment. However, should you choose to copy your own games or someone else's for resale or profit, i'm here to tell you this is a felony. You will be in violation of copyright laws by mass reproducing games for sale and if caught, you will be punished severly.

If you need to backup your Xbox 360 games, it is no different to any other kind of backup you have done, however, you will require a specific game copying software. This game copying software will override the manufaturer's encrytption code and will allow you to make backups and copies.

Backup Xbox 360 Games

Once you have installed this software, being able to backup Xbox 360 games will be a breeze! After the installation you will need to load your Xbox 360 game onto your computer. You will then be greeted by a set of on-screen instructions which will guide you through the next part of the process. When indicated, remove the original Xbox 360 disc and insert your blank DVD disc. Once again follow the on-screen instructions until you are prompted to remove the disc. This will then mean you have completed a successful backup of your Xbox 360 game. I would suggest you use the backup for everyday use and keep the original safely filed away!

If you've had enough worrying about the constant damage you are doing to your discs, then it's time for you to get hold of a decent game copying software. If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of money on your love of Xbox 360 every month. Believe me, i used to get totally fed up with the amount of money i would spend on replacement games.

As you can see the process involved with having to backup Xbox 360 games is pretty simple once you have installed the game copying software. If a technological idiot like me can backup an Xbox 360 game within minutes, then i'm pretty sure anyone else can!

So i would suggest it's time to start protecting your valuable and expensive Xbox 360 games.

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