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Backyard Activities for Kids

Updated on September 12, 2012

So it is a hot summers day and you just want the kids to go outside!  They say they are bored and there is nothing to do!  Well even though you are limited on funds you don't have to be limited on imagination!  There are some simple and creative activities you can do right in your backyard!

Treasure Hunt!

Now if you get excited about something no doubt your child will too! You can make a treasure hunt an exciting game if you plan it right! My son and I play treasure hunt in the house! He is small so the premise is simple. The treasure can be something simple. Occasionally we pick up some relatively cheap items at the local drugstore. It could be a Pez dispenser, a bubble gun, a pack of gum. Then you hide the item somewhere outside. What I do is have a starting point like the car port. I take sticky notes and place them various places throughout the yard. The sticky notes say things like "go to garage" or go to apple tree. My son, who is just learning to read, loves this game. He races all around the yard from one place to the other. Another version of the game is to give clues on the sticky notes. The clues could be something like " where does the dog live?" (doghouse) Or they could be more directional, such as " go three steps right and four steps left". Treasure hunt is a great game. Don't be surprised if your little one sets up a treasure hunt for you!

Blow Bubbles!

Blowing bubbles is a never ending fun! There are so many types of bubble toys out there! If your little one is too little to blow a bubble then use a bubble gun. You would be surprised at the kinds of bubbles you can blow with a bubble gun. Bubbles can be blown inside bubbles! Bubbles can be blown small and be blown as big as a person! Have a contest! See who can blow the biggest bubble! See who can blow a bubble that lasts the longest! See who can bust the most bubbles! You will see how much blowing bubbles brings out the kid in you!

Check out the bubble gun that lights up!  This battery operated bubble gun has LED lights.  Attach the bubble solution and let it go!  Three AAA batteries are included.  Customers state this is a good product and their children were entertained!

Draw with Chalk!

Outdoor Chalk is very inexpensive. If you have an artistic little one the fun could last for hours. All you need is chalk, side walk or pavement! Did you know if you wet the surface you can get more intense colors? Just be prepared to go through a lot of chalk! If you get chalk and some children on the sidewalk then be prepared to have others join you! Not many can resist the allure of chalk drawings. Did you know Crayola makes a 3-D chalk drawing set? It really works too. Just use the special chalk and view through the 3-D glasses. It makes the picture look like it is floating on air!

Crayola 3D Giant Chalk Set

The Crayola 3 D Giant Chalk Set  comes with four pieces of giant chalk with dual colors and two 3-D glasses.  The parents that purchased this were pleased with the toy.  She stated she had to review with her son that the chalk drawing would not look 3-D unless he put on the glasses!  Needles to say he was Wowed when he put then on!  This toy is recommended for ages four and up.

Go on a Bug Safari!

Go on a bug safari! Yes even the most squeamish of children might get into this one. This is a great way to start teaching you kids about bugs! No matter how big or small you yard there will be no shortage of insects! A mason jar with holes can be used to examine your specimen. You can purchase a bug house, which is usually a carrying case with a screen. Have a contest to see who can find the weirdest bug, the prettiest or the ugliest. If you are really into bugs then a bug net will be a must for catching them. Or if you want to spend the extra money you can purchase a butterfly farm to watch your own butterflies hatch!

The insect Lore Butterfly Lore Live Butterfly kit comes with a reusable collapsible habitat.  It also comes with a coupon that you can send away for five butterfly larvae.  Enjoy watching with your child as the larvae turns into a beautiful butterfly. ( Painted lady butterflies that is) Also included is a butterfly feeder and a guide.

Make a Garden!

Warm weather makes me think of gardening, how about you? Spring is a great time of year to your your child interested in watching things grow. I find that themed gardens peek your little ones interest best. If you are planting flowers then research the best ones to attract butterflies or hummingbirds. This year my son and I are going to plant a guinea pig garden! We are going to plant carrots and lettuce because as my son informs me, that is what they like best!

This adorable Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Tote Set includes a trowel, a mini rake and a spray bottle.  There are pockets on either side of the Turtle tote to make it easy for your little gardener to get around.  This is a favorite with parents.  Parents state this set is sturdily made and cute.

Have a picnic!

Another fun an simple thing to do is to have a picnic. You don't necessarily have to have a cook out, but a few sandwiches will do. Setting up the area is important. You will need a blanket to set out a blanket the ground to set the tone! Have your child help in planning the menu and invite some friends!  If you are so inclined make it a regular tea party!

The Schyling Summer Bug Tin Tea Set is very cute. It comes with a serving tray, four cups, four plates, four saucers and one teapot.  This brightly colored tea set is covered with lady bugs and dragonflies!  It is a favorite among parents. Parents like the fact it is made of tin and  that it is very durable. 

Water Fun!

A backyard pool can be great fun for a little one.  Pools are available as an inflatable or in plastic.  They are relatively cheap to own.  If you do not have the means or space for  pool then think about other water activities.  A sprinkler to run through can be fun.  Water guns are also fun!  How about a water table or a sand and water table?  You can hide things in the sand to make a treasure hunt!  Or get some play dinosaur bones and have your child pretend to be a great dinosaur hunter!

Super Soaker Hydro Fury Water Blaster 2-Pack

If you get these you better be prepared to get wet!  This super soaker has massive water capacity. Pump it and blast!  Parents give this  great reviews.  They say it is too much fun.  One parent states it is easy for her three year old daughter to use.

Don't forget about the age old activity of catching lightening bugs!  That is a classic back yard activity!  Grab you some mason jars and have a contest to see who can catch the most! Camping outside in your back yard is another great outside activity. If you have a tent you do not have to go far to put it up! And if all else fails just go fly a kite!


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    • GarnetBird profile image

      Gloria Siess 

      7 years ago from Wrightwood, California

      SO TRUE!! I used to take my niece feather-hunting as I lived in the national forest where birds dropped feathers..we made a collage out of them (blue jays, ravens, even eagle feathers, etc)Outdoor chalk art is wonderful/good hub!


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