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Summer Backyard Games For Parties

Updated on May 31, 2010
backyard croquet
backyard croquet

When the sun comes out there is nothing better then putting on some shorts and comfortable shoes and bringing out the backyard game equipment to play with the family. Even better, bring over the extended family, invite over some friends, and make up some homemade potato salad for a fun summer backyard party.

There are some games that you can get just about anyone to play with enough coaxing. Okay, Aunt lil might need a daiquiri first. Croquet, badminton, volleyball, etc. Fun games everyone will love. When the night is over, they will demand another summer party.


No sand needed, outdoor volleyball is easy to set up in a backyard that has the space. If you don't mind a few marks in the yard, white spray paint will draw boundary lines quite well. Don't worry about permanency, a few weeks the grass will grow out and the marks completely gone. Or leave the volleyball set up the entire summer and have it ready to go at anytime.

Volley ball can be played with as little as 4 people to as many as 12. Word of caution a softer volleyball such as the Mikasa No Sting pictured right will be easier on the wrists and reducing bruising for those who haven't played volleyball in awhile.


Badminton is an easy game outdoor game and doesn't require as much in your face action as volleyball. Keep many birdies on hand because the tips tend to pop off and the wings will break with regular use.

Badminton requires some yard space and can be played with kids and grown adults. Even grandma can get into this game. And did you know? Badminton can burn 700 calories an hour.


Six players use wooden mallets to hit around a bunch of balls around the yard with the intention of getting though specific small metal hoops. Sounds boring, but it can be quite enjoyable to send your mom or your uncles ball down the driveway after tapping their ball with yours during play.

Croquet is about skill and luck. There is nothing more fustrating then being right at the hoop, ahead of everyone else and missing it 3 turns while your grandma has come up from behind and taken the lead. The back and forth of who's in the lead makes this summer game a blast for all involved. Croquet is limited to 6 players, unless you have two sets, and the game can last for at least an hour.


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