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Bakugan Akwimos & Krakix

Updated on January 5, 2014
Red Pyrus Akwimos 660G
Red Pyrus Akwimos 660G


Akwimos is a high-spirited, gangster like bakugan with a half humanoid-frog form. He is Marucho’s most recent Guardian bakugan, after Elfin and Preyas. He has a strong sense of humor, but his battle techniques are a little random, without strategy. However, Akwimos is a powerful and worthy bakugan. When he was first introduced, it was in New Vestroia episode 43, when they were only digital clones. He turned out to be a powerful bakugan, and at first the Brawlers had a lot of trouble beating him.

In ball form, Akwimos resembles Aranaut, Linehalt, and Krakix since they all share similar features, but Akwimos has a slimmer shape with a hexagonal head, and two fin-like feet. His main attribute is Aquos, and is sold in almost always blue, or brown. However, the rarer colors can be clear, Darkus Stealth (a metallic-blue with black detailing), green, BakuShadow (grey-black color), and red, though red is becoming more common these days. Akwimos is a commonly seen bakugan in the anime. In episode 30, he and Hawktor took on Krakix and Strikeflier. Akwimos used many defensive abilities because the enemy was constantly throwing attacks. However, in the first round Akwimos and Hawktor were victorious against Strikeflier. Akwimos is more of a defensive bakugan, since his attacks aren’t usually enough to take down an opponent, serves as a backup when the opponent is attacking.

Subterra Akwimos 650G, with Arms Down
Subterra Akwimos 650G, with Arms Down

Akwimos' Ability Cards

Heal Blue (Heal Blume)
Ninja Eraser
Spiral Pressure
Shadow Pincer
Depth World
Shadow Claw Double
Ocean Booster
Loop Defense (Blue Defence)
Elemental Blue

Red Pyrus Krakix
Red Pyrus Krakix
Krakix with Arms Down
Krakix with Arms Down
Krakix with Battle Gear Vicer
Krakix with Battle Gear Vicer


Krakix is a powerful bakugan that looks and acts like a samurai. He is heavily armored with red metal, making many attacks nearly useless. Because of this, Krakix has more attack skill, making him a challenging opponent. He is an uncommon-rare bakugan, and comes in varied attributes such as Pyrus, Haos, Darkus, Ventus, and possibly even clear or translucent. In the anime, Krakix is the guardian bakugan of Gill, the second in command for Gundalian. He is a Pyrus bakugan with a simple battle gear called Vicer, which is basically two mechanical arms connected to a center. Alone, he is a sufficient battler. In episode “Infiltrated”, Krakix and Strikeflier attempted to take down the trespassing brawlers. First, Strikeflier lost, but Krakix was still strong and used his battle gear. Even through both Hawktor and Akwimos used battle gear against him in a 1-2 battle, he won effortlessly proving he is very strong. In ball form, Krakix looks similar to Aranaut, Akwimos, and Linehalt. He has a thin body that stands above the base, and two huge shoulder protectors with arms. Also, Krakix’s head is rounded with two large horns sticking out. It has two tabs and a piece of metal, allowing it to connect with Bakugan Battle Gear by pulling it's arms down.

Krakix's battle gear is Vicer, not Lansor as rumor says.

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Krakix in Monster Form
Krakix in Monster Form

Krakix's G-Power

His G-power can be as much as 850 (which is rare), and as low as 620 in Ventus BakuTriad. The Haos version has 750G; the Pyrus has 670G and 780 G's, and there is a very rare 850G version as well; the BakuStealth Darkus version has 790G; the Darkus comes in 650 G in Brawler Game Packs and it gives a 800G version; the Ventus version has 620G in Bakutriad. In conclusion, Krakix is a strong bakugan that I would recommend buying.

Krakix's Ability Cards

Argon Stream
Deadly Inferno
Gaia Exclamation
Samurai Shield
Deadly Nebulous


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