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Bakugan Battle: Free Online Video Games

Updated on July 19, 2011

Bakugan Battle Online Free Video Games

This article is about the Bakugan Battle free online games that can be played for free on your computer. You need to be hooked up to the Internet but you don't need much more than that. The games are pretty fun. This game, called Bakugan Battle, has awesome characters and cool graphics. We like to play it when everyone comes over to eat Totino's Pizza Rolls and Hawaiian Punch. It looks awesome on the big screen in the living room but sometimes we have to play it on our phones because people want to watch news or some lame sitcom on TV.

The game is free. For a free game it is fun. We have a PS3 and an X-BOX but this is too fun sometimes and we just play it for hours. On weekends we have had tournaments and some of us have set high scores, which makes it even more fun.

You get to pick from 3 really kewl Bakugans fpr your training battles
You get to pick from 3 really kewl Bakugans fpr your training battles | Source

How to Play

The first thing you do is play a practice battle that is called a Training Battle. You get to pick from 3 Bakugan characters. They are called:

  • Pyrus Dragonoid
  • Haos Saurus
  • Darkus Seige

I almost always choose Darkus Seige because it looks the meanest. I like my Bakugans to be mean and have a lot of power. Darkus Seige is mostly black with some pink or purple lines on it and a few dots. I can't tell the difference between pink and purple because I have a color-blindness condition, but I am OK with this game and I still like Darkus Seige the best of the Bakugan fighters.

I have to say that there are some people I play with who always want to be Darkus Seige just like I do. Its no problem. We get along because we each play the game on different computers so everyone gets to be who they want to be.

These are some player cards.
These are some player cards.

How to start the game

You start the game by pressing the space bar. Your Bakugan rolls toward the middle of the arena and gets challenged. Depending on what challenger is in the arena with you, you get to win or lose. Sometimes your Bakugan total and your Gate Card total are enough to win and sometimes they are not enough to win. There may be a tie, but we have not seen one of those on this game. Some people say there can't be a tie in this game but on the Bakugan web sites there are blogs that talk about a few ties. Its OK to play again if there would be a tie. The game is kind of fun and its free anyway.

This is what you see when you lose. Some people call it a card but it's really not.
This is what you see when you lose. Some people call it a card but it's really not.

What happens if you lose

When you lose you get a score screen that explains what happened. I put a score screen into this article. It is sad to lose a little bit but we usually just play more games and we get to win sometimes. You have to really like this game to keep playing it. The music is not very good because I counted the notes and they play the same 12 notes over and over. It just repeats. When I get to make my own games there will be better music for sure. Sometimes we just turn down the speakers and play something else. We all have ipods and they have good music on them. You get to pick what goes on your ipod so everyone likes their own music.

We dont think these are The Elders. LOL
We dont think these are The Elders. LOL

About Bakugan

The Bakugan were a race of warrior poets charged with protecting the pets of the royal family. They were enabled by mystical powers handed down by an unknown group called The Elders. The Elders do not appear in any of the Bakugan games but sometimes we talk about them anyway. There are less Bakugan characters than there are Pokeman characters and we still play Pokeman once in a while when some of our friends come over. Maybe someone will make up a game that has The Elders in it. I would also play that.

Here is part of a training battle
Here is part of a training battle

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