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Bakugan Starter Pack Craziness

Updated on August 19, 2014
The heart of the game...the Bakugan Starter Pack.
The heart of the game...the Bakugan Starter Pack.

Bakugan Starter Pack Frenzy!

Wow! The Bakugan Battle Brawlers are creating a buying frenzy. It’s a fantastic game and the best place to begin your Bakugan adventure is with the Bakugan Starter Pack. I’ll talk about that in a bit.

The objective of the game is to win by capturing opponent's gate cards and their Bakugan and ultimately have the most points. It appears high-tech without being complicated. It is a game that does not take forever and is in fact very fast moving so no-one will get bored. Plastic balls known as Bakugan are rolled across metal game cards and using magnets open to reveal warriors/monsters. They fight (brawl) when two different players land on the same card. Kids use strategy (which cards to play and which Bakugan to roll) plus precision shooting skills to win points by landing on the gate cards.

The battlers have great names Wavern, Ravenoid and Gargonoid. Some are animal-like, others human like. Wonderful for the imagination. This is a great toy for kids from ages 4 to 10 although older kids do play it as it involves a quite a lot of strategy. It is great for parents too as it can solve your gift buying problems for months (and hopefully) years to come.

The manufacturer Spinmaster says that Bakugan Starter Packs are flying off the shelves and is having a hard time keeping up! Why? Well because it’s a smart and popular game! From my research the neighborhood kids say it has better game play than Pokémon - which is high praise indeed. I was amazed to see that the TV and the computer were forgotten and a lively game of Bakugan broke out. Long may it continue.

What are Bakugan?

They are new and HOT! On Feb 24th 2008 the Cartoon Network started airing "Bakugan Battle Brawlers". This game came from that show. The basic idea of the game is that "Bakugan warriors"-- such as "Juggernoids," "Fear Rippers," and "Robatallians" fight against each other for cards, gates and ultimately points.

Generally any kid over 4 will enjoy the challenge of earning points by rolling their Bakugan (or shooting them from a launcher) onto magnetic metal cards where the plastic spheres "explode open" to reveal the warrior inside. The metal gate card triggers a magnet inside the Bakugan to open. Kids love this instant, hands-off transformation. I thought it was pretty cool too. Fans of the show in particular love the game but knowledge of the show is NOT needed.

In the game they are action figures that morph out of plastic marbles. Each figure comes with a metallic card that has a point value. A point value is also imprinted on the figure. The strongest is 660 G points. Obviously higher is better.

The Bakugan Starter Pack is at the heart of the game and is the starting point for Bakugan gamers.

Bakugan Trivia

The name Bakugan comes from two Japanese words: "baku" meaning "to explode" and "gan" meaning "sphere".

Bakugan on TV

My latest info says that the Cartoon Network is showing Bakugan 6.30am weekdays and 11am Saturday. As their popularity grows this is likely to increase.

Some basic info...skip the first 1min 40 secs...

How do you play Bakugan?

This game represents a unique, revolutionary spin on the game of marbles. It is quite creative and simple to play though it appears complex. However, many children are falling it love with it all over the country. It’s a game for 2 or 4 players. Players start out with a Bakugan Starter Pack.

Each player starts out with 3 Bakugan and 3 cards: 1 special ability card, 1 gateway card, and one ability card.

If there are just 2 players each player puts down two cards. If there are 4 players each puts down one card farthest from them. At the start of play there shopuold be a rectangle of 4 cards. Each card should be facing down so that no player knows the ability of the card they are using.

The youngest player starts and you go clockwise. You simply roll the Bakugan (in sphere mode ie unexploded) like marbles or if you have the Bakugan launcher, you can use that.

When a Bakugan is rolled and lands on a card, it opens. If the Bakugan does not open, the player loses a turn. If two of your bakugans hit and open on the same card then you pick that card up off the field…as it is yours.

But if 2 Bakugan from different players land on the same card, a point total is taken to count up the power value of the Bakugan + the value on the card. The higher sum wins the card and the Bakugan.

The ability cards allow a player to do several things…offset the power of the opponent's Bakugan, offset the power of the other player's card, augment power of your own character, etc.

For more info go here


What You'll Need

At a minimum you need 3 figures/Bakugan per player. Like Pokémon, it has a "I must collect them all" aspect to it that ensures parents will be hearing about (and buying) the different cards and battle brawlers for months to come. There are about 100 or so Bakugan and each comes with different skills and strengths aka g value so you won't run out of choices. The best place to start is the Bakugan Starter Pack which includes three Bakugan Marble/Action Figures, three metal Gate Cards and three ability cards.

NOTE: Most Bakugan Packs includes a random selection of Bakugan warriors. Although the colors may be specified. If your child is already a Bakugan fan or whether he is a complete newbie, the starter pack is a good place to start. Kids pick it up easily and s/he can have hours of fun …and it’s such a hot toy he can invite others to bring their own sets over to play together. As I said I found that the computer and TV were forgotten and they play for hours.

Do you need the Arena? Not really but you do need a flat surface- the floor (lino or a smooth non plush carpet) will do but sometimes its easier to be on a table. If you do use a table you have to prevent the Bakugan from rolling off so put some cardboard "edges" on the table. The arena does just that -it stops the Bakugan from rolling off the table, however good luck - the arena can be difficult to find in stores.

Do you need the Launcher? The Bakugan Launcher (sold separately) is a great accessory, with three shooting modes ("curve," "angle, and "distance"), and besides the odd fact that it doesn't come with any instructions … you really don't need it.

Here's Some Wisdom from a Young Bakugan Player

- Unless you are playing for keeps you don't take anyone’s Bakugan if you win.

- If you lose in a battle - don't cry.

- This game requires nerves of steel. you think kids are into this game? :)


Bakugan Starter Pack- Types of Bakugan

Haos  Haos Bakugans have discovered the ability to control and manipulate light and energy. This came about because Haos’ skies are very bright, affecting even protected eyes. A mystic aura emanates from the planet and at the centre of the planet is a massive power source, which draws energy from the light.

Darkus  Darkus is located on the Dark Hemisphere of the Universe. Darkus Bakugans are elite in night fighting and causing destruction. They have years of study and intense training like Spartans, they take strength in the shadows.

Subterra  Subterra has a rugged exterior so they are tough and resilient. They divide their time above and below ground and fight enthusiastically They are one with the tough land in which they live.

Ventus  The Ventus Bakugans are like fast and powerful hurricane winds, which is like their planet itself which overwhelms intruders, once their enemies get caught in the eye of the storm, they are defenseless.

Pyrus  Pyrus can be found at the inner core of the Universe. It is inhabited by Bakugans who draw their strength from the fiery heat that surrounds them. The molten rock makes their intensity very high. Never one to waste time, the Pyrus blitz their enemies from every angle.

Aquos  On the surface all appears calm yet deep below the dark waters lurk deadly warriors, proficient in all water environments. Aquos Bakugan seamlessly glide from one attack position to the next, constantly preparing for victory.


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