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Balance Bike or Training Wheels Bike For Your Kid

Updated on October 2, 2014

Scoot Balance bike

Scoot bike
Scoot bike

What is a Balance Bike?

Well, take a look at the Scoot balance bike above and notice the differences from the bikes you learned to ride on as a kid. Automatically you see that this bike has no pedals. What you say no pedals how do you go anywhere? Well, you use your feel and by using your feet and pushing yourself along you get a lot better at balancing yourself. With this balance you get self confidence so that when you do get to that point where you are on your older brother or sisters big kid bike you don't fall because you have the balance thing and the self confidence. Not to mention that you only have to learn one more thing how to pedal. So you learn how to ride in steps first you start out on this bike and you learn how to balance and get self confidence then when your a little older you learn how to pedal. This is totally opposite of how you learn to ride a bike with training wheels. Not to mention, do you see how short this bike is? Well, you can start riding it at a much younger age like two or three years old. So that's more of a time when you virtually have no fear and the fact that this bike is so short you can touch the ground with both feet and for brakes you just put your feet down.

Strider Balance Bike Video

Don't Forget Your Helmets

     Don't forget  your helmet even though this in not your typical bike and it doesn't have any pedals if your little one falls down they can still get hurt so don't forget the helmet and any other safety gear they might need. But most of all have fun and only take this as fast as they want to go, if at first they just want to push it or pull it around let them. Remember the first time they climbed stairs but if you check out the video they will catch on in a big way. Soon they will be asking for a big kids bike. Have Fun.

Remember Learning To Ride A Bike

Remember learning to ride a bike with training wheels and the trials and tribulations that that came with? Well I do. I think it's just too much to take in all at once the pedals to go forward and the pedals to go backward to stop. Don't put your foot down or you will crash. Give a little lean when you turn but hey if you lean too much you will tip up on the training wheels and crash still. It's a wonder any of us learned to ride on training wheels at all. But you can survive all of this and learn to ride a bike however I think the balance bike starting out at a younger age is just a much better option for most kids. Learning to ride a balance bike turns that whole idea around and you learn it backwards first you learn the balance thing by riding this thing all over the place and soon enough you are raising both feet off the ground and coasting along and leaning into the turns without fear that you will lean too far and hit the training wheel on the ground and crash. So once you learn all of that then you just get on a big kid bike and learn to pedal and use the brake. Congratulations you son or daughter knows how to ride a bike. Another thing I love about a balance bike as a parent is it gets them out of the stroller a little faster when they are two or three on those long days at the park or other events you can still take the stroller but you can also take their balance bike and they can ride it around instead of you pushing them


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