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Designer Child Wooden and Metal Balance Design Bikes Buy Online for Kids

Updated on June 29, 2015

Pedal bikes can be overwhelming for a child. They are expected to steer, balance and pedal all at once! Training wheels and stabilizers are a good help, but often fear arises that causes the child panic. Of course panic and fear should not be a part of the fun of riding bike.

Balance Bikes teach your children without them even knowing they are being taught!

Balance Bikes also known as 'running bikes' or 'scoot bikes' have no pedals. Strange, right? But the concept works! 

Wooden Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes are available in metal or wooden design.Wooden Balance Bikes are non-gender specific in color, therefore making it easy to pass down to another child or family member. But if you want your wooden bike to be gender specific, it is so easy.

  1. Sand the bike down 
  2. Prime the bike with painting primer
  3. Paint the bike whatever color you choose

Feel free to stencil, sticker or even stain the bike a different shade of wood. Bikes are great to personalize and the wooden bike is a perfect example.

Metal Balance Bikes

Metal Balance Bikes tend to be more gender specific. Metal bikes have no real difference except that for older children the metal bike may be a better choice as they want their bike to look more like a regular bike.Metal bikes come in numerous different colors and designs.

How Balance Bikes Work

The goal of a Balance Bike is to eliminate the panic of the regular bike and allow the child to develop confidence and the skills needed to ride. The child first learns to balance and steer. On a regular bike your child learns to pedal first and balance last, thus causing anxiety and many unnecessary falls.

The child starts by either sitting or standing while walking his/her bike with it's feet. Soon they will run. If the bike starts to tip, the child learns to straighten the bike by balancing it with their feet. 

Once your child feels in control and confident, they will lift their feet and cruise along enjoying their new found freedom.

At What Age Can My Child Ride?

Balance Bikes are designed for children as young as 12 months to as old as 9 years.

With our children, we are protectors. So it is no different than a regular bike that your child should wear a helmet.

Helmets save lives and when it is our precious ones we are protecting, it is all the more important. 

Customer Review

"The neck stem and seat are both adjustable so your kid can grow with the bike. Overall, I would recommend this product. It's more fun for my kid then training wheels. Also, it's actually a head turner because most American bikes have training wheels."

Actual Amazon Customer and Owner of Balance Bike

The Balance Bike allows your child to build the confidence to eventually transition to a regular bike. Balance Bikes make that transition easy as your child builds the skills of balance and steering making them happy to become "a big kid' with pedals.

Balance Bikes are definitely a thumbs up for any parent wanting their child to learn the basics of riding bike.

A must have for any child.


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