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Best No-Pedal Kid's Bikes 2015

Updated on May 5, 2015
The Bubbleicious Balance Bike is very easy to assemble and sturdy. If you want something that is inexpensive, this balance bike is quality and will last forever.
The Bubbleicious Balance Bike is very easy to assemble and sturdy. If you want something that is inexpensive, this balance bike is quality and will last forever.

I have found that a quality balance bike is great for my kids.

My kids love balance bikes because they can just stroll around on walks or when hanging out with their friends.

I would highly recommend a balance bike because they are easy to use and will last a long time so you can pass them down from kid to kid.

Balance bicycles are training bicycles that help a young child learn balance and steering.

Regular bikes teach people to pedal first and balance last, so balance bikes do just the opposite.

These are not to be confused with regular bicycles because they lack certain features that make learning to balance more complicated.

For instance, balance bicycles have no peddles, no crank set for chain, and no training wheels.

Believe it or not, children as young as a year and 1/2 can learn to ride a balance bicycle with just a few hours of practice.

Other names for these types of bicycles are push bikes, training bikes, toddler bikes, or glide bikes.

It is best to two encourage your child to use it about 20 to 30 minutes twice a week so they can improve their balance.

Overall, the advantages include static and dynamic balance, as well as bilateral coordination.

You also notice an increase in physical self-confidence as your child uses it as well.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike
Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Which Material is Best? Metal vs. Wood. vs Plastic

Honestly, it does not seem to make much of a difference. It boils down to preference.

Balance bikes are made out of different layers of plywood that are then glued together.

This is a much better way of building a bike because it is less susceptible to warping or cracking than it would be with one solid piece of wood.

Metal bikes are made out of a very lightweight steel or aluminum.

You can tell how good of quality a metal bike is by taking a look at the welds on the bike.

These can be a bit more lightweight than wooden bikes, though they cannot be exposed to rain or moisture because they very well can corrode.

Plastic bikes, or composite bikes, are made up of plastic resins and often are very sturdy.

They are not as susceptible to warping, cracking, or corrosion. These can also be a bit more affordable.

What kind of balance bike doy ou prefer?

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Chopper Balance Bike
Chopper Balance Bike

What to Look for in a Balance Bike?

Looking for these features will ensure that you get the safest balance bike for your child.

Let's face it, when you have such a young child on a toy, or piece of equipment such as this, safety should be your first concern.

I have listed some of the top features to look for that will be much safer in a balance bike that you are ready to purchase.

Compare bikes side by side to find one that meets your needs the best.

Steering Limiter

This keeps the handlebars on the bike from reaching a sharp turning angle.

If your child suddenly turns the handlebars and jack knife's the bike, he can easily flip over the handlebars and be injured.

The point of a balance bike is to teach balance, not steering.


Look for pneumatic tires that are made from real rubber.

These tend to have a much better grip on surfaces, especially those that are wet.


Look for wheel fasteners that are recessed, and frames and wheels that are smoothly polished.

Any small and sharp edges on the bike can easily catch on your child's ankles or clothes that could cause injury.


Believe it or not, seats that look like a miniature version of adult bike seats are not as safe.

Because they are narrow at the front, this makes it easy for your child to slip around.

I would suggest finding a seat that is shaped more like a cradle and that is made from a material that is not slippery.


Honestly, there should be none. Some people argue the footrests are essential when learning balance, but I am of the opinion that they are more dangerous than helpful.

Granted, it is easier two cruise down a hill if you have a place to rest your feet, but these types of bikes typically don't have any brakes so this could cause your child to gain more speed and an otherwise would.

Footrests also get in the way when your child is trying to keep it off.


If you want brakes, find a bike that has hand brakes that are easily gripped by small hands.

I advise avoiding at all costs, brakes that consist of a paddle that rub on the surface of the tire to slow the bike down.

Hand brakes are much safer and they should be wired to the rear wheel.

Fork and Handlebar

Bikes made for the rest of us typically have handlebars that are mechanically attached to the fork.

A unitized fork and handlebar design means that they are one continuous part and they will never lose alignment or become separated in any way, so you have less risk of injury.

Make sure that you get a balance bike with a good fit.

Measure your child's inseam and compare that to the seat range of the bike.

You should have 1 inch of clearance below their crotch area and the seat of the balance by to ensure a good fit.

5 stars for Bubbleicious Balance Bike

4 Good Balance Bikes for Kids & Toddlers

Take a look at this Bubbleicious Balance Bike in a pretty pink color.

This is a wooden bike with a five position seat for a great fit.

I love that the handlebars are rubberized for a sturdy grip. It does also feature pneumatic rubber tires.

2 Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

A manlier bike for boys is this Prince Lionheart Balance Bike.

It has a birch wood frame, rubber handgrips and 12 inch tires for good balance.

3. Chopper Balance Bike

With a bit more design, this Chopper Balance Bike mimics the look of a motorcycle.

It is also made of wood and the seat is more of a cradle design.

This one also seems to be more durable than others I’ve tried.

3. Strider ST-3 No-Pedal Balance Bike

Coming up on price point is this Strider ST-3 No-Pedal Balance Bike.

I love that it comes in so many fun colors to choose from. It is the most lightweight at only 6.4 pounds and is made with a steel frame.

This has a narrow seat though so make sure to watch your child for slipping.

4. Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike

Also a nice lightweight option, this Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike is made with steel and has an adjustable handlebar.

© 2013 Brandon Hart

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