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Balancing the Books (2 of 10) - Eve Online Mission Guide

Updated on May 1, 2013

This guide and video walkthrough will cover the Business Career arc mission, Balancing the Books (2 of 10) in the video game MMO, Eve Online. Within you will find information on completing your objective along with rewards and any other relevant details.


  • Kill enemy ships at target location.
  • Retrieve and deliver 1 x Black Box (0.1 m3) to your agent.

"Go out there, find whatever remains of the ship and use the salvaging module I gave you to retrieve the black box. Of course, if you find any Gurista pirates hanging around ... kill them."

Enemies (Caldari)

  • Group 1: 1 x Guristas Rookie

Total Bounty: 3,000 Isk

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Locking the Guristas Rookie ship in order to fire upon it.Retrieving the Black Box for the mission objective.
Locking the Guristas Rookie ship in order to fire upon it.
Locking the Guristas Rookie ship in order to fire upon it.
Retrieving the Black Box for the mission objective.
Retrieving the Black Box for the mission objective.


This second mission in this series will have you facing combat for the first time in the Balancing the Books chain and will also serve as an introduction to the art of salvaging for the player. In preparation for this mission, all you really need to bring is your rookie ship, fitted with at least one weapon (the civilian module it comes with will work fine) and fit the Civilian Salvager module you are granted upon accepting this mission to the other high slot you have available on your ship.

Salvager modules are typically used to harvest the wrecks of fallen vessels you will find floating in space after combat, turning them into valuable materials which are used to make Rigs. In this case, while the Civilian Salvager works the same in practice as the normal Salvager module, it requires no skills to use but also can only be used for the mission objective and will not work on wrecks in general. In other words, while you will be learning the concept, you will not be able to actually salvage with this module.

Fly out to the mission location to find an acceleration gate which you can activate to take you into the dead-space pocket, an area where missions usually take place, with the gate being the "door" to said area or space dungeon. Within you will find a single pirate enemy NPC which should be felled with a couple quick blasts of whatever weapon you have equipped. Once it is downed, fly towards the Civilian Transport ship, lock it (ctrl+click) and activate your salvage module once you are within 5,000 meters. It will take a cycle or two to finish, then you will receive a prompt that your module was successful in accessing the transport. At this point, you can open the destroyed transport ship like a cargo container and retrieve the Black Box to take back to your agent.

Mineable Asteroids

6 x Veldspar - 200,000 units total (20,000m3)

Note: Acceleration gate blocks Mining Barges & Exhumers from entry. Only the Venture mining frigate may enter.


  • Civilian Salvager x 1 (Granted)
  • 1 x ORE Venture Mining Frigate 1
  • 130,000 Isk bonus (3 hours, 18 minutes)
  • +0.3615 % corporation standing

1 Changed with tiericide. Used to be; Amarr = Tormentor, Caldari = Bantam, Gallente = Navitas, Minmatar = Burst


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