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Bananagrams Review

Updated on July 27, 2009

Why I Love This Game

Without a doubt Bananagrams is my favorite game at this time. After my husband and I decided to alot ourselves allowances each paycheck, I began to feel more at ease buying something fun and frivilous. I used to feel guilty at the prospect of buying something fun just for the sake of having fun -unless, of course, it was for our new baby, Ella.

Out shopping for toys for Ella, I noticed a cute little banana bag filled with tiles like the ones used to play Scrabble. I had been wanting to play scrabble for a while and had intended on buying the game. However, I figured at $14.99 this little game was probably less expensive and definitely more portable. I took a chance and bought it.

Well, months later I'm still addicted to it. My husand is as well. How do we used it? Following are several things I've done with Bananagrams:

  • I play solitaire while lying on the floor next to my baby as she plays with her toys. Of course I am careful not to let her reach out and take a tile since it would present a choking hazard. I simply reach into the banana bag and draw out 21 letters, then I attempt to make my own crossword using every letter drawn.
  • My husband and I also play eachother. It's nice because we don't have to be sitting together to play. We have a small living room so our baby is usually between us. We usually play the Banana Smoothie version, but there are several different games depending on your preferred pace that you can play.
  • This is awful, but our baby daughter made a dirty diaper while we were playing the game. I proposed that the loser had to change her diaper. We sat there playing quickly to determine who would have to do the dirty work. Luckily, I won that time.
  • We've also used it to decide who had to wash dishes and other undesireable household chores.
  • I tossed it in the diaper bag when we had to go to the doctor with our child the other day thinking it might come in handy if we were forced to wait in the waiting room for an eternity. Luckily that was not the case.
  • My mother has dementia so I took it with me while visiting her last week. She can only spell simple words these days, but with Bananagrams it didn't matter. She still managed to beat me in a game! Granted I did have to correct her spelling a few times...but she won fair and square. It certainly lifted her spirits. I left the game with her for a while and now I'm having withdrawals.

I really enjoy this game and can picture myself playing it with my daughter one day when she old enough. Not only will it be quality time spent between the two of us, but it will encourage problem solving skills, logic, and spelling. It was a fantastic purchase. I am certainly glad I bought it instead of Scrabble.


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