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Banker Quest - Gather The Materials, Locations of Items in Perfect World International (PWI)

Updated on July 31, 2020
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Akeezer plays multiple MMORPGs, especially free-to-play games, and enjoys sharing tips and advice with other players.


Where the bleep do I find this item?

Alright so most likely you have the Gather The Materials quest from the banker to upgrade your ever so tiny safe storage with him. If you haven't just go to any banker and in the quest section under safe expansion there is a gather the materials option, click it. Now you have a list of items to gather for him, but where can you find them without having to go halfway around the map and back? I'll tell you if you just scroll down a teensie bit and read further.

Gather the Materials #1 Generalized Monsters for Race Locations

Since there are 5 races at the time of this hubs original posting and each race starts in a different area of the map I will not be naming specific monsters but will instead give generalized lookalikes for you to kill. And they are as follows:

Mystical Meat- Found on Wraiths (little gnome looking guys), Eldergoths, and Tuskmoors

Disguise Skin- Found on Rouges, those zombie looking monsters with swords or bows.

Element Dust- Found on Blobs and Cactopods

Soft Fur- Found on pretty much anything, Snakes, Lynx, Sables, basically the furred creatures.

Antenna- Found on Spiders and Centipedes

Rhino Horn- Found on Rhinodrakes (the hippo rhino things) and Turtles

Also keep in mind these are dwindled down generalized lists of monsters that drop them and not every monster in that class could drop it. So if you kill a ton of them and don't get any dropped please don't complain to me, I'm only trying to help you and give you a push in the right direction.

Gather the Materials #1 Archosaur Locations

Say you didn't get the quest until after you are already in Archosaur or you want to sell all your items to get as much money as possible before you start this quest. Here are a few monsters that are around Archosaur that drop the items for the first Banker quest. Enjoy my readers, enjoy.

Mystical Meat- Found on Werewolf Spearman

Disguise Skin- Found on Venomous Ghoul

Element Dust- Found on Arboride Dryads

Soft Fur- Found on Quillhog Enchanters

Antenna- Found on Gesttone Centipex King

Rhino Horn- Found on Tectonic Rhinodrake

Gather the Materials #2 Archosaur Locations

Since you will most likely be at the Archosaur part of the quest line or close to it I won't be putting generalized race locations for this quest. I don't even think you can find them on those monsters anyway, so let's just do the area around Archosaur then shall we?

Mystical Claw- Found on Werewolf Spearman

Complete Sack- Found on Pyrogolth Apprentice and Venomous Ghoul

Element Fragment- Found on Arboride Dryads, and there's a quest to get them off Blobs of Rebirth so I usually get the 10 for this quest and the 5 for that one all at once. (It's West of the Orchid Temple).

Dull Claw- Found on White-eyed Wolfkin

Honey Juice- Found on Gesttone Centipex and the Dual-Bladed Centipex

Dew of Herbs - Found on Tectonic Rhinodrake

These are also just a limited list of monsters, there are more on higher levels and usually the 'upgraded' monster will drop the item too. Example, Venomous Ghoul and Greater Venomous Ghoul. Greater is the 'upgraded' version but I'm not sure about it dropping Complete sack as well.


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