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Banzai Water Slide

Updated on August 5, 2017

Banzai Water Slides

The Banzai water slides are a very economical way to provide entertainment and fun to large groups of kids (birthday parties, summer family get together's and more).

Most of them are around $500 which when you consider how many times you will use them and how many hours of enjoyment that your kids will have slipping and sliding or just relaxing in the water then you really will get your money's worth. It costs just that much to hire them at some places!

All of them come with their own internal blower to inflate them fast and keep them inflated while you are using it.

The Banzai Falls Twin Blast Rapids
The Banzai Falls Twin Blast Rapids

Summer is Water Slide Season

Summer is time to take off the covers of the pool, head to the beach and set up your inflatable water slide.

The best water slides are ones that both you and your children can enjoy.  They are better than a regular pool slide (which are often too steep for small children) so having an inflatable water slide such as the ones from Banzai means that the little ones can have just as much fun as the big kids.

There are many shapes and forms of inflatable water slides from racers, castles, slides and pools.  Many of them come with lots of activities, their own waterfall and even water cannons.

Inflatable Water Slides

Having an inflatable water slide means that you can set it up during the warm summer months and pack it away for the rest of the year (and then bring it out again the following summer).

You can also deflate it to take on holidays, to family gatherings, birthday parties and more.

For this reason they are a great affordable option for large families during the summer months.

The Banzai water slides all come with their own inflater and also a repair kit in case it gets a hole or rip.  By following the instructions on the manual your inflatable water slide will be good for years to come.

Summer Parties with Water Slides

The Banzai water slides really come into their own during summer and especially for your summer parties.

The adults can get together while the kids slide, play and test out their skils through the various obstacle courses.

Some of the best inflatable water slides are those with many activities to do including climbing, sliding or just playing in the water.

You an also add beach balls and rubber ducks for the younger children to play in the wading pool area's where you can keep watch on them.

Whether you choose to rent or buy, the inflatable range from Banzai are the leaders in water fun.


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