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Barbarian In Diablo 3 : Lore, Names And Gameplay

Updated on August 8, 2012

After the Worldstone was destroyed, the ramparts on the sacred Mount Arreat had turned into ruins and rabble. Barbarians who had sworn to protect the sacred mounted used to dwell in this ramparts. Their biggest fortress and the capital was the ancient Bastion's Keep which was a strategic point in the battle against evil. When the war against the evil has ceased, Barbarian purpose of life was lost too. They were seeking power, glory and wanted to die honorable warrior death in a battle. Some smaller tribes adapted nomadic lifestyle and are living in small settlements that are scattered all around the Steppes. They isolate themselves from the rest of the worlds and never use magic because they believe that such things are for the men who are weak in flesh and soul. Barbarians are descendants of Bul-Kathos, a powerful ancient king and their wisdom lies within loyalty to the kinship and they are the masters of their own physical powers. Over centuries Barbarians have learned to evoke the primal might that lies within their bodies.

Barbarians in Diablo 3
Barbarians in Diablo 3

When the famous historian And Al-Hazir ventured into the Steppes to enrich his knowledge about the Barbarian tribes he found that the Barbarian capital and other major settlements were abandoned. He traveled around, searching for the majestic warriors who used to practice ancient ways of battle arts. Once Barbarians were known as bloodthirsty furious beasts, almost not humans but thanks to the research, the history of these proud people were acknowledged. It was tragic to find that they have left the Mount Arreat because they had sworn to protect it at all costs and for a noble Barbarian, that would mean also death. And al-Hazir wonders if the destruction of the Mount Arreat would mean not only the loss of their home but also beliefs.

In combat nothing matches the physical might all Barbarians possess. Their mighty painted bodies can wield the heaviest of weapons and the battle-hardened fierceness never succumbs to the enemy. They don't ask for mercy and give none either. Barbarians have great strength that allows them to deal great damage as well as absorb incoming attacks.

If you feel that pure physical power and might in its essence is the key to victory, the Barbarian might be the best class for you.

 Diablo 3 Barbarian Character Creation
Diablo 3 Barbarian Character Creation

Barbarian Names

When it comes to naming a Barbarian, there are several ways how to do it. One can get inspired by famous actual or fictional Barbarians and similar heroes such as Conan, Ghengis Khan, Atilla, Gimli, Asterisk etc.

Other way would be choosing strong names that reflect the nature of Barbarians such as Might, Power, Strength etc.

Although Barbarians in Diablo 3 are not really designed based on certain cultures, there are players that name their Barbarians by using Viking names such as Thor, Ingeborg, Tjorvi, Erlend, Kol etc or Scottish names such as Barra, Donnach, Fionn, Murdaigean etc.

 The Barbarian in Diablo 3 Conceptual Art
The Barbarian in Diablo 3 Conceptual Art


The Barbarian class is the class that has changed the least in comparison to Diablo 2. The concept, the abilities and visuals are almost the same is in the previous game. The Barbarian can be played in a similar way as in Diablo 2.

When a Barbarian fights, his body fulls with Fury, the Barbarian resource for using abilities. Every time the Barbarian is taking or dealing damage, he accumulates Fury which he later uses to perform unbelievably mighty skills.

The best stats for the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 is Strength and weapon damage.

Barbarians are the only class that can use Mighty weapons and Mighty belts. Other classes don't have the strength to equip such items. These over-sized items can match only the strength of Barbarian. When it comes to normal weapons, the mighty Barbarian can easily fight with two of them at the same time.

Melee Power
Full sized tow handed axes, blades and hammers can be dual-wielded while especially enormous mighty weapons can be picked up and used only by Barbarians. This specialty makes Barbarians the most powerful melee physical fighters in the whole game.

Strength and Fury are the keystones when it comes to playing a Barbarian. As long as Barbarian is in a battle, he will constantly generate fury to use his strength-based abilities. The only time Barbarian might not be at his best, is when he is out of combat.

Battle Shouts
Battle shouts are also known as war cries. These are buffs and debuffs of the Barbarian. They can use a battle shout to boost the damage they deal and heal themselves as well as use war cries to decrease the enemy power as well as make them flee in horror.

Damage Mitigation

The massive Strength of Barbarians allow them to equip the heaviest and most protective armor significantly boosting their defenses, If the fights are getting tough, Barbarians can also use shields to block and mitigate incoming melee attacks.


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