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Barbie Dancing with the Stars and Other Collector Dolls

Updated on April 4, 2016

Waltz Barbie

Barbie Dancing with the Stars

Barbie has long been a dancer, outfitted with various ballet costumes. She also influenced young girls through her 2006 Irish Dance Doll and her "I Can Be A Ballroom Dancer" doll, introduced by Mattel in 2009. The latest dancing craze on television includes ABC's Dancing with the Stars and Mattel introduced three dolls in the Barbie Dancing with the Stars Collector Series in 2011, where Barbie is dressed to dance the Waltz, Paso Doble and Samba. Barbie cannot wait to hear her results from judges Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli!

Many collectors view the Barbie doll dressed for the Waltz as expressing Barbie's long established beauty, romance and fashion sense. The Waltz is a romantic dance! Barbie's waltzing gown is pink, her favorite color, after all. Barbie is ready to perform a graceful Waltz as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Her ballgown has a strapless bodice with faux diamonds that will sparkle in the stage lights. The sleeves have cutouts and faux diamonds as well. Three layered ruffles accentuate the long skirt of her ballgown. Barbie accessorizes her ballgown with glittering pink jewelry and silver dancing shoes.

Ready to compete in the passionate Paso Doble, Barbie's costume features a red satin bodice with black lace and a long red skirt trimmed in black. To give a sweeping effect with the skirt of the gown, there are hoops in the dress that link to Barbie's hands. Accessories Barbie selected to go with this gown include black shoes, red drop earrings and a gold bangle.

Paso Doble Barbie

The Brazilian Samba Barbie doll is wearing a two-piece costume with a tropical theme. The dress has a short, open skirt with yellow feathers and pink and orange organza. Across the front of the costume, the two pieces are linked together with a string of silver and orange flowers that go down the front of the costume. Barbie chose to accessorize the Samba costume with gold shoes and long dangling earrings. She is ready to compete in the Samba!

Samba Barbie

What is Next for Dancing with the Stars Barbie?

All three of the Barbie Dancing with the Stars dolls are just gorgeous! It would be amazing to see other dolls added to the series for Tango, Foxtrot, Jive, Rumba and other dances. These three Dancing with the Stars Barbie dolls are no longer available from Mattel, but many are available for resale online. Perhaps Mattel will produce a Tango Barbie to follow the performance of Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy in "Forever Tango" on Broadway July 9-28, 2013.

The New Barbie Fashionistas

Mattel is expanding the Barbie Fashionistas product line with new dolls in real sizes, including curvy, petite, tall and original! Now the dolls more realistically capture the range of sizes of real women.

The Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Doll

Karl Lagerfeld, a German fashion designer, artist and photographer, is based in Paris. He is the lead fashion designer for both Chanel and Fendi, as well as his own fashion house. He has collaborated with others on fashion and art-related projects.

On September 29, 2014, Mattel released a highly-anticipated collector doll, Barbie Lagerfeld. This is a collector’s edition doll. The doll has the signature style of the fashion designer and is dressed in his likeness with a black blazer, black fingerless gloves and metallic accents. The design features elements from the real Karl Lagerfeld collection. Only 999 dolls were produced and were priced to sell at $200 US. Now they are selling at upwards of $900 on eBay.

What is a Limited Edition Barbie Doll?

A Limited Edition Barbie doll is produced in quantities of less than 35,000. Dancing with the Stars Barbie dolls are Limited Edition Dolls. Collectible Barbie dolls are produced in quantities over 35,000, but the number actually produced is never divulged by Mattel.


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