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Barbie Doll Comic Book Characters as the X men

Updated on March 19, 2015

X men Barbie Dolls

These are my version of the X men made with Barbie Dolls. I hand made them with the iconic styles and my own ideas. I got most of the dolls from Goodwill for a few dollars. I bought new material for most of the costumes, but I also used a variety of things from around the house. I got weapons, guns, swords and stuff by getting toys from the Dollar Store or made them with Sculpy Clay.

I used the most iconic styles of the characters in my designs, but most of the time I did not know what they would look like until I saw them when I was done.



I liked the old comic green and yellow tights with the brown "leather" jacket and X men logo.


Rouge and Gambit
Rouge and Gambit

Gambit had to have boots and the head wrap with the long jacket. I made a tiny deck of playing cards and put them in her hand, boots, head wrap and pockets. And that crazy hairdo. That poor rescued doll already had that hair cut. I just added the brown with a permanent marker. Which is very messy by the way.

Storm, X men

I love the old style Storm from the Comic or Cartoon shows on Saturday mornings.


I had made a mask for Wolverine, but it fell off and I liked it better without it. I had put a set of blades on the one hand just to try it out, you can barely see them.


The purple hair was supposed to represent that helmet he wore.


Movie style
Movie style
Comic Book style
Comic Book style

The one from the movie looks so much better in real life. It does not come out right on the camera. The paint is lighter and the "scales" look more like that for real. The pictures do not pull the look off as well as it really looks for real.

Barbie Doll X men

x men
x men

More to Come

I am working on Jean Grey and some others, I will add pictures to this post as I complete them.

Thanks for checking them out. Please leave comments on what you think about them.


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