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Barbie Doll Shoes

Updated on May 29, 2010

Vintage Barbie Shoes

 Vintage Barbie Doll Shoes can be categorized into three types. There are the open toe shoes, glitter open toe shoes, and closed toe shoes. Some are easier to find than others, and each category came in a variety of specific styles and various colors.

The open toe barbie doll shoes were made in Japan. You can see them marked Japan on the bottom of the left shoe, nothing is marked on the right. They are not very hard to find compared to other types of Barbie doll shoes. The white shoes would include her Garden Party, Busy Morning, and Wedding Day Shoes. The black shoes have the American Airlines Stewardess, After Five, and Solo in the Spotlight. There are several other colors too with the open toe Barbie doll shoes.

The glitter open toe shoes are much, much more difficult to find. And to find them in good condition is a miracle, because these are decades old and have probably been played with by a young child. The biggest problem with these is finding ones that still have the glitter intact. This is what makes these distinct from the other kinds of Barbie doll shoes.

The rarest and most valueable of the Barbie doll shoes are the closed toe shoes. Many have well pronounced heels and are called "spikes" by savvy collectors. You will find the Japan mark on both the shoes on the bottom. Barbie Learns to Cook, Junior Designer, and Poodle Parade are all in this line of closed toe shoes. 

Special Made Barbie Shoes

 A lady named Diane Paone makes custom Barbie doll shoes. Her customers must be very affluent and/or completely delusional, since they are spending a hefty price for designer shoes for their doll! Diane even sends them in a shoe box so your Barbie doll can open up the box and act surprised when she sees them.

The work she does is really for collectors; these are not shoes for your children to play with as they make believe a date night with Barbie and Skipper. Every pair is signed and numbered by the designer. She does not mass produce the shoes in any way. So every pair of Barbie shoes is really unique. This is something to look into if you are serious about collecting Barbie memorabilia.

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