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Barbie Fashion Designer Toys and Games

Updated on July 7, 2011

Barbie Fashion Designer Toys

Barbie has long been a style icon for young girls and now with the Barbie Fashion Designer range of toys girls can put their own unique stamp onto Barbies wardrobe.

Barbie is one of the most iconic girls dolls around, recognisable by everyone and remarkably versatile having been everything from an astronaut to a vet ~ and the one thing you can always count on is that she is impeccably turned out ~ but have you every wondered if you could do a better job.

Now you (or the Barbie aficionado in your house) has the chance to design your own range of clothes and looks for Barbie using the Fashion Designer range.

From stickers to CD-roms the choice of barbie design games will suit all ages and all budgets and provide hours of fun for those taking part.

Barbie Fashion Designer Games for Youngsters

 Kids can get hooked on Barbie from as early as 3 years old, and at that age you want a toy that they will enjoy playing with bit isn't too complicated.

The 'Barbie be a Fashion Designer' Doll is great for girls who love to dress up their dolls and loves anything that involves glitter as it contains a set of dresses ready to be decorated for Barbie to wear.

Stickers are a perennial favorite which makes the Barbie Fashion Designer Peel n Stick Fun set with over 100 fashion stickers a great option.

Barbie idesign

 The Barbie idesign range is also perfect for younger children.

The range consists of a different fashion and model cards which are overlaid in a slide sorter to create different looks for Barbie.

It's great fun on its own but can also be take one stage further with the idesign cd-rom set which allows you to design fashion shows in which to show off your collections.

Barbie Fashion Designer CD-Rom and Fashion Show

For those that want to get high tech there is the Barbie Fashion Designer CD-Rom package which allows you to custom design and print clothes for Barbie to wear using special printer friendly fabric.

Customer feedback on this product indicates that the printed clothes do not quite live up to expectations but that the design element of the game is excellent and it is this design part that makes this product worth buying.

Another option for a interactive Barbie computer game is the Barbie Fashion Show where you can create outfits and a fashion show to wear them in. Outfits can't be printed out as with the Fashion Designer game but from looking at the high recommendations the Fashion Show game has received this doesn't seem to be any bar to an absolute love of the game.


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