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Barbie Spin to Clean Washing Machine and Dryer: A Review

Updated on June 19, 2013
theclevercat profile image

Did you know Mattel wanted to sell more Barbie clothing than dolls? That's why her proportions were so wild—the clothes make her look human!

4 stars for Barbie Spin to Clean

Wondering what to pick up as a gift for the Barbie lover in your life? Consider the Spin to Clean Barbie play set for inclusion in your doll’s dream house. With its “spinning action”, this is a fun option and will make a great addition to your doll’s mud room.

Spin to Clean is a full laundry center for Barbie.
Spin to Clean is a full laundry center for Barbie. | Source
The inside of the units are very well-designed.
The inside of the units are very well-designed. | Source

Barbie’s Washing Machine and Dryer (and Iron!)

The play set consists of a hot pink side-by-side front-loading washer and dryer with clear doors surrounded by a faux chrome finish, and the doors open, close, and latch tightly. Fake buttons and switches abound and the bottom of the machines each are molded with a modern ponytailed Barbie profile as a decoration. The drums are lined with gray plastic molded to look like the inside of a washing machine and dryer. Really cute!

On the left of the unit is an attached Murphy-style ironing board – just lift it and swing out the support strut, then Barbie can “iron” to her heart’s content!

But the real excitement is the spinning action of the washer and dryer. Simply press down on the rounded lever poking out of the unit on the right and the basins actually spin! Why not throw in some towels or a couple pairs of Barbie's tiny panties and have a laundry party?

What a pretty blond Barbie!
What a pretty blond Barbie! | Source

The Washing Machine Barbie Doll and Her Clothes

This is a pretty doll, with her shining pale blond hair all done up in a high ponytail with a side part. Her light blue eyes are atwinkle with youth and her makeup is applied lightly – golden and pale pink shadow and brown eyeliner keep her approachable and friendly-looking. Her lashes are not rooted, but she has lots of mascara on... and her eyebrows are light brown and slightly thicker and more natural looking than many other Barbies' brows. Her pink lips are parted to offer up a smile and of course her teeth are brightest white. Her e

Her outfit is a bit on the tacky side as she is wearing knee-length pink denim trousers with a close-fitting Empire-cut tank top that has coordinating patterned straps and matching stomach panel in yellow and two tones of pink. She doesn’t come wearing jewelry but does have a matching scarf to wear in her hair, around her neck, as a bracelet, or even hanging out of her pants, mechanic-style.

In fact, it’s the same doll (and outfit) that comes included in the Barbie Doll and Furniture Gift Set offered by Mattel.

Barbie's laundry basket fits nicely on one arm.
Barbie's laundry basket fits nicely on one arm. | Source

The doll’s knees bend to 90 degrees, but do not have a ball joint behind the knee like the Fashionista dolls; rather, the calves are wide and somewhat robot-like. This doll does not have molded toes, but her hands are molded into a flattering shape. Unfortunately, she cannot hold the iron or bottles of detergent!

Also, her arms cannot bend at the elbow but she can carry the included laundry basket with one arm by sticking her hand through the handle holes.

Barbie's tacky orange platform shoes will make you cringe.
Barbie's tacky orange platform shoes will make you cringe. | Source

Barbie’s Orange Shoes

Usually Mattel hits a home run with accessories… but not this time! These gigantic fluorescent orange platform shoes with a flower on the front are hideous. And they absolutely do not match the pink outfit. But there’s no need to apply them if you don’t want – Barbie arrives in the box sans shoes. Yes indeed, Barbie is barefoot in the box! (Talk about stereotyping.)

I believe Mattel actually made the washer and dryer slightly out of proportion and so they had to make it up with very high, soft rubber shoes. Without the shoes, Babs is too short to reach the ironing board and her feet too hard and slippery to keep her in place. I may spray paint those shoes black if they continue to bother me with their strange proportions and garish color.

The iron and detergent bottles are no-name, but very nice-looking.
The iron and detergent bottles are no-name, but very nice-looking. | Source

Accessories in the Spin to Clean Play Set

The set also includes a white iron with a metallic sticker on its face, a bottle of laundry detergent, and a bottle of fabric softener. It also comes with a bright yellow laundry basket and three tiny towels that would not cover Barbie’s privates (if she had any). Mattel also includes an opaque glittery orange plastic shelving unit with a piece of cardboard printed with laundry room items as its back. It has five shelves and is actually quite a cool little piece.

Would you ever buy stereotypical Barbie accessories and furniture?

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Cons to the Barbie Washer and Dryer

She can’t hold the iron or accessories properly as her hands are not positioned the right way and her wrists don’t bend, so posing this Barbie in the ironing position is not ideal. Her hands do not come anywhere near close enough to each other to hold anything except that laundry basket, and even then it makes more sense for her to use one hand. I suggest a Fashionista doll if you want to stage a more convincing look.

The spinning action doesn’t always work very well. It works like a dream if the units are on their back, but who does laundry like that? Out of ten pumps of the laundry lever, it spun very well four times, somewhat well three times, and hardly at all the remaining three.

Total Review of Barbie Spin to Clean Washing Machine

4 out of 5 stars! The accessories are of high-quality hard plastic and the doll is pretty with a cute hairdo and easily bendable knee joints. The spinning action is a nice plus to a decently made-unit. I bought this on a good sale for $15, but the regular price is around $32. For me, that’s too high; the right price for this set would be $20-$25 in my opinion.

Other Fun Barbie Playsets

Do You Have Enough Dolls?


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    • profile image

      Mommy McNatt 

      6 years ago

      Spray paint it. If you don't like the color.

    • theclevercat profile imageAUTHOR

      Rachel Vega 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      It is DEFINITELY a great set... for my own dream house! ;) I'm old-school Barbie though, so that bright pink kills me. Great to see you teaches12345 and thank you for the great comment. :)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      7 years ago

      I love this set and would definitely play with it myself -- who cares if I'm not a kid. I love the pink, sorry -- but it just says Barbie to me. I realize there are some things that could be better, but at least you get the basics.

    • theclevercat profile imageAUTHOR

      Rachel Vega 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      I agree. That pink is truly offensive to my eyes! Why oh why don't they make these things in white or black or... ooh! Chrome finish!? :) Thanks so much for stopping by, BB!

    • Brainy Bunny profile image

      Brainy Bunny 

      7 years ago from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

      Those shoes really are hideous! In the video they don't look quite so bad, but I guess the photos must have truer color. All in all, this looks like a fun set — I really love that iron and the laundry organizer, but I don't think I'd be able to stand the color of the washer and dryer. Thanks for the review!


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