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Barbie The Half Century Lovely Doll

Updated on February 14, 2014

Barbie is so fun. I can even play those dolls with my daughter and still not feel old fashioned.For more than fifty years Barbie has become many young girls' best friend. They can play a tea party with them, dress them up, play games, and arrange Barbie's dream house or those girls' dream house ?

Barbie Fashion at New York Fashion Week

Barbie At A Glance

Barbie is first launched and produced by Mattel,Inc in 1959. Barbie is a kind of fashion dolls that inspired by a German doll called Bild Lili. Mrs. Ruth Handler a businesswoman (1916-2002) is the first person who had the idea to make a doll in an adult body shape. In those days all American's dolls were in a shape of infant. First, her idea was underestimated by her husband Elliot the co-founder of Mattel,Inc the toys company.  But after she found the German doll Bild Lili and purchased the rights, she rebuilded the dolls and called the dolls Barbie according to her daughter's name Barbara. The dolls were first produced in Japan and sold around 350,000 dolls for the first produced. In those early years, Barbie dolls were marketed as a "Teenage Fashion Model" and their clothes were created by Mattel, Inc designer Charlotte Johnson.
Nowadays Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide and enjoyed not only by little girls but also adult people.

Barbie Princess Free

Changes in Barbie

Barbie has been changed for many times. Many reasons caused these changes. Such as the objection from some parents about  the doll's chest. In 1971, Barbie's eyes were adjusted from having a sideway glance to looking forward.
Barbie's waist is also change in 1997. Her waist is not in realistic size of women waist. It could stimulate anorexia and eating disorder for young girls who have a dream to have Barbie's look.
In 1968 the first African American doll who called Christie in Barbie's range has made her debut.
In 1980 was launched the Black Barbie and Hispanic Barbie
Changes in Barbie including changing phrase in Teen talk Barbie, changes in the elevator of Barbie's $100 Dream House , and now Mattel,Inc launch the "Totally Tattoos" Barbie. The tattoos could be applied to the dolls.
Mattel,Inc will integrate Barbie with the MP3. This digital music player could save about 120 MP3 or 240 songs in WMA format.

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www.collectdolls.about.comwww.batchplease.comwww.toymania.comBarbie as cake decoration
Barbie as cake decoration
Barbie as cake decoration

Hilary and Haylie Duff Barbie Fashion Fever Commercial

Barbie's Fashion Collection

The collection of Barbie's fashion is astonishing. From the vintage collection to modern style collection. All the collections are designed with great taste and adjusted with the country's culture. In Asian countries for example, you may find traditional fashion in Barbie's fashion collection. In Middle East countries which have Islam as their major religion, Barbie is appeared in Moslem's fashion. In Indonesia, you could find Barbie fashion in woven material, Indonesia traditional fashion, and some Moslem's fashion. Barbie collection spread from wedding dress collection, swim suit collection, casual dress, jeans collection, party dress collection, prompt night gown collection and many more.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Barbie, two famous designer Vera Wang and Jeremy Scott colaborated to make Barbie dress collection.. Real Barbie Dress that you could wear.Those dress were exhibited in New York Fashion Week runway.
Many people love Barbie Fashion collection including Indonesian collector. There is a lady in Indonesia who has almost all Barbie collection and not just that, she even build a special room with special theme for each of her Barbie collection. She even dress up like Barbie complete with her hair style and accessories. Fiew..

Barbie Side Products

Barbie's Dress Up

Barbie is also supply many kind of dress up games. Now young girls who love dress up and make over could really play and enjoy Barbie dress up games. You may change their costumes, their accessories, hair do, and many more.

Barbie's Games Collection

Barbie Games collection including many fun and attractive games for girls and also boys. Many kind of games such as hairstyling, pets, vacation, special event, various outfit, and etc.
These free games make Barbie more famous worldwide.


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